GGN Thread About Nothing #216: Myth Taken...

Hey all. Welcome to the latest TAN, where all your dreams about nothing come true.

Generally when I post music from random artists on these threads, it is from people I have seen live. To me personally, live shows are the only way to really know if a singer is going to become a lasting favorite. I spend a lot of time in the summer going to random free shows, which NY offers by the boatload. The singer I am sharing today is Amythyst Kiah. She did a free show last week at one of my favorite smaller summer venues, Wagner Park down by the Battery Park area. The shows take place with a scenic backdrop of the hudson river, and the statue of liberty visible at a distance. They do a four concert series every summer. I unfortunately did not get to attend this particular show due to a back injury i've been dealing with, but I have been listening to her music online, and I plan on seeing her the next time she's around, though she seems to spend a lot of time performing in the UK.

Music after the rules, as always.

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