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Tim White has been flashing at Jets training camp

Baltimore Ravens v Cleveland Browns

Entering training camp Tim White wasn’t a name with much buzz. The former Ravens receiver has started to turn heads in recent Jets practices, though.

(From Wednesday)

(From Thursday)

White was an undrafted free agent out of Arizona State in 2017. He spent his first two years in the Baltimore organization.

Head coach Adam Gase was asked about White today. Here’s what he said.

On Tim White

Anytime that you have a guy that has good body control, good ball skills, and understands route running and how to get open, that’s what you want, it’s just can you do it when it’s Sunday, can you do it when the lights are on, can you do it against another team when you are not sure how he is going to play. When you start doing this in training camp, you kind of get used to how a DB is going to handle you, how he’s going to press you, what’s his move, and when you get into a real game you got to study that on film and then apply it on a Sunday, whether it be preseason or regular season. That’s the challenge, that’s the hardest part. The good ones they figure it out, guys that show good stuff out here and then transition that and they kind of disappear that’s the difference.

I view things in a similar way. When I hear an unproven guy like White is making plays I take note of it. This doesn’t mean I’m expecting him to be an impact player necessarily. It makes him a player that I keep in mind once the preseason starts. Performance in preseason games will be the next test. If he passes that, we can start thinking about Sunday.

For what it is worth, White seems to be putting in plenty of work to try and make that a reality.

I don’t want to put too much emphasis on that tidbit. I can tell you I watched Jace Amaro do the same thing once upon a time.

Still, this is one of the names getting buzz early in Jets camp.