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Jets podcast: Training camp happenings to avoid overhyping

NFL: JUL 29 Jets Training Camp Photo by John Jones/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

We are in the middle of an exciting time on the football calendar. It is training camp. The long offseason is finally behind us. The players are back at work preparing for the season.

Anything is possible. No team has lost a game yet so we all have dreams of a positive season ahead.

Of course many things that happen at training camp do not carry over to the actual games. Some stars of camp fade as the calendar turns to fall. Meanwhile players who look like duds in the summer sometimes make surprising contributions once the real games start.

A few weeks back I did a podcast warning about overhyping certain things that were bound to happen once camp started. Today I apply those lessons to things we have seen in the first week of Jets training camp in 2019.

Thanks for tuning into the show as always. It is appreciated.