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Adam Gase: We will limit Le’Veon Bell’s reps

New York Jets Minicamp Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

Jets head coach Adam Gase spoke with the media about star running back Le’Veon Bell today. He indicated the team will ease Bell back into the lineup after the back sat out the 2018 season.

Running backs have a limited number of hits they can take. Normally I would advocate having Bell sit out the preseason entirely. The Jets probably will need to get him a few touches in those games, however, just so he can get used to contact again.

In the past training camps were physical, but those days are gone. The players have negotiated most of the heavy contact out of camp practices, meaning preseason games are really the only chance teams have to see their guys at full playing speed.

Perhaps this early pitch count will help preserve Bell for the late season games when the Jets surely will need him to perform at his best level.