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Jets players will need to pass a conditioning test to practice at training camp

New York Jets Minicamp Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

We are near the start of training camp in 2019 for the Jets. Practices are scheduled to get underway tomorrow. Before players hit the practice field, they will need to pass a conditioning test.

This is exactly what it sounds like. Players need to show they are in proper shape to participate in practice.

The actual test varies from team to team and can be different depending on the position somebody plays.

Few teams disclose their actual tests, but some examples have gotten into media stories through the years.

John Harbaugh’s Ravens have used this as a test:

Players are required to run 150 yards six times, and different position groups are assigned varying target times.

The first interval requires players to run 25 yards up and back, three times, for a total of 150 yards.

That’s followed by a break of roughly one minute between each run.

Should a player not make his prescribed target time during any of the six runs, then it’s determined that he’s failed the conditioning test.

During the Marc Trestman era, the Chicago Bears used this:

Start at the goal line.

Run to the 50-yard line. Touch the line.

Run back to the goal line. Touch the line.

Perform the down-and-back sequence three times for a total of 300 yards.

Rest for two minutes.

Repeat the 300-yard sequence.

Rest for two minutes and repeat the 300-yard sequence once more.

The goal is to complete each of your three Shuttle Runs under a certain time based on the position you play. Here are the time targets Trestman uses:

Position Players: complete each Shuttle Run in 58 seconds or less.

Small Linemen: complete each Shuttle Run in 64 seconds or less.

Big Linemen: complete each Shuttle Run in 68 seconds or less.

Former NFL player Matt Bowen offered this note on a familiar coach:

If you play defense for Gregg Williams, his test is on the day of the first practice — in pads. Forty up-downs in full gear right after the team stretch (which are filmed and watched in meetings).

Players who pass their conditioning test are allowed to practice. Those who fail generally are placed on the Physically Unable to Perform List until they pass the test.

This is why I tend to roll my eyes whenever anybody gets worked up about a player missing the offseason program. If a player never misses a day of the offseason program but fails his conditioning test, do you think he deserves any slack? If somebody skips the entire offseason program but passes his test, what difference did missing the offseason program really make? The player is in shape.

The conditioning test can help the team gauge whether a player is over an injury.

You also might remember seven years ago how the Jets’ trade for Jeff Otah was voided due to his inability to pass the conditioning test.

You will probably hear about players passing or failing the conditioning test in the next day or two. Now you know what it means.