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Gang Green Nation Highlight Reel (July 17th-July 23rd)

New York Jets Minicamp Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

Our readers’ and writers’ contributions to this site are a major reason why Gang Green Nation is the best Jets blog in the history of Jets blogs. No contribution, big or small, should go unnoticed. That’s why we’ll highlight some of the best comments and FanPosts on a weekly basis.

Without further ado, I bring to you, Gang Green Nation’s Highlight Reel for the past week:

Top Fanposts:

Top Comments:

On Sanchez vs. Darnold early in their careers:

As a rookie, he had an elite defense and three Pro Bowlers on the offensive line. And he still had a statistically worse rookie year than Darnold did.

He was in an ideal situation for those first two years or so. People think that the Jets “ruined” Sanchez, but the reality is that he wasn’t ever really good…he just had a couple of decent years because he had an absolutely stellar team around him. Then when that talent started to go a little bit, we saw who he really was. Those early years kind of inflated the way he was perceived

-Scandalous Jack

On Sanchez’s supporting cast:

uh, what?

09 and 10 Jets were far more stacked than the current team. Best OL in the league fueled by young Mangold and Brick, Faneca and Woody. That helped the running game, which was powered by 1500 yd grinder Thomas Jones and complemented by Leon Washington, a constant home run threat. Throw in Braylon Edwards and Santonio Holmes, and the Jets didn’t need Sanchez to be anything more than a game manager. On Defense there was Revis, with Kris Jenkins in the middle, plus Rex’s defenses took the league by storm as a new HC. Once the team went into win-now mode, got expensive and old, and offenses figured out how to pick up Rex’s blitz packages, Sanchez was exposed for what he was: a game manager who could only succeed on a loaded team. Once a play broke down, Sanchez was screwed. Night and day from Darnold.

-panhandle chris

On expectations surrounding Sanchez and McCown:

Some perspective on expectations

Mark Sanchez did not play well in 2011 and 2012. His poor play lead to both the fans and the organization giving up on him. Nevertheless…
# of wins by Sanchez as a starter 2011-2012: 14 -Finished his career with more wins than losses -Two trips to the AFC championship game -Last year the Jets brought Josh McCown back for $10M. Many fans were actually happy to have him.
# of wins by McCown as a starter 2006-2018: 13 -Finished career with more than twice as many losses as wins -Never threw for more than 3k yards -Only threw for more than 13 TDs once -Never had a winning season -Never went to the playoffs


On which player he would steal from any of the Jets’ division rivals:

If we were allowed QBs

Then I would take Josh Allen. Give Darnold a dominant athlete at TE until Herndon comes back

-Scandalous Jack

On the potential that the NFL won’t suspend Tyreek Hill:

Its a broken system. You smoke pot because you beat your body up and have a million aches and pains and want to get some sleep, well…… not my problem, Banned. You beat your kid and literally have him petrified of you, meh, its fine, wasn’t video evidence, only audio, go play. Just make sure you’re good this year and keep those ratings high or we might have to revisit this suspension, wink wink.


On Le’Veon Bell’s potential usage with the Jets:

Bell wasn’t really payed to run the ball I can’t imagine

The numbers show that really the only area where RBs can distinguish themselves from the pack is pass catching ability, where Bell is arguably the best in the league. I wouldn’t be surprised if his rushing numbers are lower than his career norm, but I think he’ll catch the ball at the same or even a greater rate than he always has


On Sam Darnold’s playing style:

Yeah I think even if he pans out and becomes a top QB in the league, he’ll throw a lot of INTs. It’s just in his DNA


On the potential of the Jets’ Defense this year:

Jets D

Without top end CB play, I can’t see this defense cracking top-10 or maybe even top-15. PFF is projecting the run defense to be top-3 thanks to the additions of Quinnen and CJ and I get that Jamal and Maye make a solid complementary Safety tandem, but I just can’t fathom this D excelling in generating consistent sack without a proven edge rusher and then pair that with lackluster CB play overall and you’ll get another bottom-10 defense..


On Le’Veon Bell’s rant:

Le’Veon was right in his rant. Idgaf who you are, NOBODY is working on their craft 24 hours a day. Even MJ had a gambling addiction and drank regularly.


On the good and the bad of Maccagnan’s tenure with the Jets:

Rationality test

I’ll say 5 good things and 5 bad things about Mac’s reign. Can you handle it? Good. 1. He got Sam Darnold. 2. He added lots of talent in the recent off-season. 3. He found a couple steals in Robby Anderson and Ironman. 4. Didn’t over think and blow early 1st round picks. 5. Left Jets in decent shape, moving forward, there’s something to build on. Bad. 1. Hackenberg. 2. Passed on numerous QB’s in past drafts which resulted in lost picks to acquire Sam. 3. Failed to deliver on so-called pipeline of edge rushers. 4. Overpaid players to come here largely because he created a less attractive roster to join. 5. Zero playoff appearances. Off the top of my foggy head. I’m sure I’ve left out plenty…. like paying little attention to the O-Line, etc, etc….

-Red G Green

Let’s take another look at the “Good”

Good. 1. He got Sam Darnold – Really??? The Browns took Mayfield, the Giants took Barkley and Sam fell into Macc’s lap. Give Him credit for hedging His bets to move to 3, but getting Sam was Lucky… Period. Had we not traded, and Sam was on the board, and then Macc had made a trade up to get Sam, then this would’ve been true. If I’m walking down the sidewalk, and see the light is about to turn green, so I sprint across. When I get to the other side I find a $100 bill laying on the ground. Am I a genius for sprinting across the street having not known that $100 bill was there? That is what Macc did.
2. He added lots of talent in the recent off-season – Macc had $100M to spend because He drafted so crappy. Adding Bell at $13M was great. Even when we later learned that we were bidding against ourselves. $17M for Mosely? Wanting to pay $15M for Barr? Not getting a Center? And deciding on our current CB’s?
3. He found a couple steals in Robby Anderson and Ironman. – Robbie Yes. Ironman ? Sure He played really well. But remember the game when Leo got tossed? Ironman became Tinman. And of course Macc dropped a ton of cash on Him afterwards.
4. Didn’t over think and blow early 1st round picks – You’re kidding me, right? We picked 6th, 20th, 6th, 3rd and 3rd. The one pick that required thought, #20, Macc reached for a tweener pick, (Darron Lee). The odds of whiffing at the other picks is low. The fact we were picking that high is a testament to his team building.
5. Left Jets in decent shape, moving forward, there’s something to build on. – No Center, Iffy CB’s, Jet Fans overrating WR”s, No edge. Decent shape is a miss. We should be in better than decent shape.


Even though it’s tough to argue this, I’ll try since football is really slow right now and i’m bored

1. That trade up to 3 ended up being almost masterful. They traded 3 second rounders and were able to get who everybody in the world thought would go number 1. The way I see that draft, the Jets traded up to 1 by giving 3 seconds, much better than the past when teams give up first after first to get there.
2. This defense is getting hyped up, partly because of the guys who were already there like Adams and Leo, but also partly because of the studs that Macc added like Mosley, Q, and Polite. Also, free agents are supposed to be overpaid. Often, high-end free agents become the highest-paid player at the position. It’s amazing that Macc was able to get Bell and not make him the highest RB when he could very well be the best RB this year (it’s possible). Although he didn’t address key needs, the fact that he added lots of talent is undeniable.

3. Robby has become Sam’s favorite target, and it is important for Sam’s development that he has a favorite target who can catch the ball and stretch the field. Also, I forget what pick they gave for Henry Anderson, maybe a 6th or 7th, but he did not at all dissapoint. 7 sacks, 16 qb hits, and 3 blocked kicks in 3 games. Trading a 6th/7th for a 26 year old who could do all that from 3-4 End was great IMO, even if he didn’t play well one game. Enunwa was also a good late rounder and Shell, a fourth-rounder, is a starting T

4. This one’s kind of weak. It’s really easy to hit on top 6 picks. At least he didn’t whiff or trade up to a spot and whiff. I would bet there’s a guy from each of those drafts who was taken top 6 and is a bust. 2015 (Leo year) – Jags missed on Fowler and Buccs missed on Jameis, albeit QB is tougher. 2017 (Jamal) – Titans picking Corey Davis seems kind of like a whiff but it’s too early to say. A WR taken with the 5th pick should be an immediate difference-maker, not a guy who gets under 900 yards his sophomore season. Fournette at #4 averaged 3.3 a carry this year and Solomon Thomas at #3 has 4 sacks in the past 2 years and isn’t even going to start this year. 2018 and 2019 is too early to say. So, it’s not a miracle that Macc didn’t whiff but it is better than other teams fared.

5. I’d say we’re in decent shape. Good young QB, a Top RB, two WRs who should be over 1000 yards, a below-average O-line who is a bit better with Kelechi, a great d-line, 2 very good off-ball LBs, a promising edge rusher, a potentially top safety duo if Maye is healthy. Keep in mind the team’s core is below 28 years old (Darnold, Bell, Q, Randy, Herndon, Leo, Ironman, QW, Mosley, Williamson, Polite, Adams, Maye)


Top GIF/Photo:

Joe Douglas when he saw that Hill received no suspension after Herndon got four games.

-Feast for Cro(martie)s

So there you have it, Gang Green Nation’s Highlight Reel. Want to be featured next week? Just keep doing what you do, and more importantly, keep being who you are—after all, YOU’RE what makes Gang Green Nation so great!