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Reports: Quinnen Williams contract impasse is due to signing bonus payment schedule

New York Jets Minicamp Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

As training camp is set to officially begin this week, the Jets’ first round pick is still unsigned. Quinnen Williams has not reached an agreement with the team yet.

Multiple reports indicate the disagreement is on the timing of signing bonus payments.

Under the current rookie wage scale, there aren’t many pressing matters that need to be negotiated. The years and dollar values are set in stone.

One of the few areas that can emerge as a potential source of conflict is the timing of the signing bonus payments. As Mehta notes, Williams is going to get a signing bonus around $21.6 million, but the timing of that payment can be negotiated. Players typically want as much of the signing bonus money upfront as possible, while teams might want to delay paying a good chunk of the money until the future.

I am sure many Jets fans are jittery after Sam Darnold’s holdout last year, but the fact the two sides are within $100 thousand of an agreement suggests cooler heads are likely to prevail.