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Jets hire Joe Douglas as their new general manager

NFL: Super Bowl LII-Philadelphia Eagles vs New England Patriots Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets have announced the hiring of Joe Douglas from Philadelphia as their new general manager.

Douglas is receiving a big contract from the team.

You might remember a few years back it was noteworthy the 49ers gave Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch six year contracts to come aboard as head coach and general manager respectively. A contract of that length is not typical for a new hire, but it was necessary due to past organizational instability. In order to land their preferred choices the 49ers had to put it in writing that their new bosses would get a long time to turn things over.

Given everything that has happened over the last few years (and especially months) within this organization, there have been rumblings in the league that the job might be a difficult sell. Giving this type of contract to Douglas is a big investment. It also could be a sign that the Jets are going to give their new general manager the necessary autonomy to do what he thinks is necessary to turn this organization around.

The hiring of Douglas will likely receive universal acclaim. He has worked his way up through multiple respected organizations and was one of the key components in quickly turning the Eagles from a dysfunctional mess into Super Bowl champions.

Hopefully for the Jets this is a turning point. This has been a long and erratic offseason for the franchise. There were many points where it did not seem like a coherent plan was in place to build a winner starting at the ownership level.

Nurturing a championship level organization isn’t easy. Hiring Joe Douglas won’t be akin to waving a magic wand that will bring the guarantee of Lombardi Trophies. But it does feel like an important step forward.

This is the first time in quite a while where I can say I am genuinely hopeful after the direction of the New York Jets.