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The latest rumors from the Jets general manager search

NFL: New England Patriots at New York Jets Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

There have been a few developments over the last few days on the Jets general manager search.

Apparently all four candidates impressed the Jets enough to earn second interviews.

While Joe Douglas has been the favorite throughout the process, Scott Fitterer of the Seahawks has emerged as a potential spoiler.

Anybody who has ever followed one of these searches knows that sometimes the initial favorite does not land the job in the end.

The team has been in touch with the candidates to discuss financial parameters according to Ian Rapoport. This conceivably could have been part of the second round interviews.

This could be a sign the process is near a conclusion. This likely goes beyond the salary of the general manager. To make their final decision, the Jets will likely need to figure out the budget for their front office, which entails salary output for scouts and staff in addition to other expenditures. All candidates would likely have a different budget.

This shouldn’t make a difference in the final decision, and I don’t think it would. But the Jets do need to know this information before they finalize their hire.

Will that hire be Douglas? In spite of the Fitterer buzz, some signs still point to yes.