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Which Jets revenge game has you most excited?

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at Miami Dolphins Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

This is Revenge Week here at SB Nation. NFL team websites are talking about the revenge their team is seeking in 2019.

Here are the top revenge games for the Jets.

Week 2 vs. Cleveland

Why it is a revenge game: There are plenty of reasons. For defensive coordinator Gregg Williams this game will likely be personal. Williams did a good job as interim head coach of the Browns last season but was passed over for the permanent job in favor of Freddie Kitchens. For the team as a whole, this is a rematch of a brutal early season loss in 2018. The Jets were the first team to lose a game to the Browns in over a year and a half. It was one of the earliest signs the Jets were going to have a long year in 2018.

Weeks 3 and 7 vs. New England

Why these are revenge games: It should be obvious. With a few exceptions, the Patriots have dominated the rivalry for close to two decades. The Jets hope they will be taking the first steps to dethroning New England in these games.

Weeks 9 and 14 vs. Miami

Why these are revenge games: Head coach Adam Gase was fired by Miami after three up and down seasons. He landed with a division rival and brought a number of coaches with him from his coaching staff in Miami. He now has a chance to make the Dolphins pay for their decision.

Week 11 vs. Washington

Why it is a revenge game: Ok, it isn’t clear that Jamison Crowder has any ill will for his former team, but this is his chance to show they made a mistake in letting him get away.

Week 12 vs. Oakland

Why it is a revenge game: Kelechi Osemele has a chance to settle the score with the coach who traded him.

Week 15 vs. Baltimore

Why it is a revenge game: It seems pretty clear C.J. Mosley has a lot of respect for his former team, but his return to Baltimore will surely be important for him.

Week 16 vs. Pittsburgh

Why it is a revenge game: While some of the other key Jets signings are likely on amicable terms with their former teams, that is clearly not the case with Le’Veon Bell. Bell has this date circled on his calendar. I’m sure the Steelers do as well.

Which revenge game are you most excited to see?

Possible Bonus Week 5 vs. Philadelphia

Why it could be a revenge game: Will Joe Douglas’ new team face the Eagles team he helped assemble?