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Jets podcast: Top five things to watch before training camp

Houston Texans v New York Jets Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

We are in the quietest part of the NFL calendar. This is the only six week stretch of the year where nothing is going on. At other points of the year we have training camp, preseason, games, the Draft, free agency, or the offseason program to discuss. Right now we have none of those things. There is not much going on.

There are a few things on the horizon to watch. On today’s podcast we discuss the top five developments to monitor between now and training camp for the Jets. There might not be much daily excitement, but there still will be a few developments worth watching.

On the show we discuss potential action on the waiver wire, a possible informal workout Sam Darnold could be putting together, getting the team’s top pick signed before training camp, the staffing up of the front office, and a possible significant addition through either free agency or a trade.

Thanks for listening.