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Reports: Phil Savage, Chad Alexander, and Rex Hogan to join Jets front office

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at New York Jets Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Joe Douglas’ front office with the Jets is starting to take shape according to Ian Rapoport and Adam Schefter.

Former Browns general manager Phil Savage is expected to join the team.

Savage spent time in the Baltimore organization with Douglas. He also had a stint in the Eagles front office prior to Douglas’ time there. Most recently he has served as executive director of the Senior Bowl and a general manager in the now defunct Alliance of American Football. He has a lot of experience in the scouting world. I also think he could help Douglas navigate the new job. Douglas has never been a general manager before. He undoubtedly will run into situations he has never experienced before or anticipated. Having somebody with experience in the job to lean on will likely help.

Chad Alexander of Baltimore is set to become the Jets’ Director of Player Personnel.

Alexander has spent a long time in the Baltimore organization. His move to the Jets has been long rumored.

Finally, Rex Hogan of the Colts is coming to the Jets as assistant general manager.

Prior to his stint with the Colts, Hogan was part of the Jets front office as senior director of college scouting under Mike Maccagnan. That might give you some pause, but he also was key part of the Colts front office under Chris Ballard that has quickly built a winner. Here is the bottom line. This is the third time in five years Hogan has been hired away from his current job for a promotion with another team. That says something about his reputation within the NFL.