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Jets podcast: Reflections on the year that was

New York Jets v Buffalo Bills Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

This is the final week of five daily podcasts until the start of training camp. There will still be shows between now and then, but we will move to a summer schedule. In many ways the podcast year begins with the start of training camp and ends now, around the time the offseason program ends. What follows is the quietest time on the NFL calendar.

It has been a very trying year in many ways for the Jets. Training camp started with a holdout of the new franchise quarterback. While the team showed signs of life early in the 2018 season, things got ugly very quickly. The team fell apart, and the coaching staff was fired. A somewhat erratic offseason followed.

Then the Jets hired Joe Douglas as their general manager, and things seem much brighter. What you will hear on today’s show are some personal reflections on the year that was.