Joe Douglas - you should have demanded a 10 year contract with the mess you inherited

Basically the opposite of what the Johnson boys got.

my advice dump the whole damn roster and start over. Don’t waste time fixing this mess. It will only set us further back. We suck. The Bills will have a better record this year.

As always no offense to any player just talking.

Get rid of Quen Williams. The best player in the draft will bring back a truckload of picks to rebuild and we already have a Williams, Leo they Big Cat

Trade Darnold again greatest QB in league we’ll get a bucket-full of picks. Gase can use the year learning how to be a HC and likely thank Douglas for saving his career in a couple of years. Couple of stud QBs coming out next year with much higher potential than offense Sam....or we can risk letting Sammy go down just like Gases Fins QBs and we get nothing. Let’s build something of an Oline for a new QB first.

Trade Adams. Magic Mike had Maye with a first round grade and again a bucketload of picks with the same if not a better safety

Trade the Big Cat, imagine that haul!!!!

Trade Darron Lee, another first round gem.......opppps......never mind

Mosley, Bell their salary and them for a pick.

Be smart and aggressive. Your legacy starts now. Rebuild the roster properly starting now or this team will be 8-8 in 6 years. We’ve had a decade of the worst, most ridiculous drafts in league. Be realistic about what you inherited, your only trade-able assets and do what u know is needed. If Mosley, Bell, a Williams, Sammy etc go down you lose them for nothing.

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