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Breer: Joe Douglas’ Rolodex is one of his biggest strengths

NFL Draft Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Albert Breer’s Monday Morning Quarterback column is full of interesting tidbits about the hiring of Joe Douglas as the new general manager of the Jets. One that stood out to me touched on his connections within the league.

We mentioned it before, but one of Douglas’s greatest strengths comes with his Rolodex. Connected in the scouting community like Chris Ballard was going to Indianapolis two years ago, Douglas should be able to build a robust department. The first two names I’d keep an eye on are the two rising stars he poached from Baltimore upon getting to Philly: director of player personnel Andy Weidl and director of college scouting Ian Cunningham. Maybe Roseman lets him take one of the two. Among the other names that have been out there as possibilities to join Douglas in Jersey are Chicago’s Champ Kelly (who interviewed for the Jets’ job) and ESPN’s Todd McShay.

I have come to believe that many underestimate the “manager” part of the general manager job. Experience shows us that merely being a respected scout is not necessarily an indication of future success in the job.

The general manager job is simply too big for anybody holding it to be overly hands on. The best GMs in the NFL hire a great team around them, delegate, and keep them on course.

If you have followed the Colts early success under Ballard, you likely know that a lot of it is due to the top notch front office team he has assembled in Indianapolis.

Few being mentioned for front office roles with the Jets are household names, but they generally seem to be respected within league circles.