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Jets podcast: The turning point?

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at New York Jets Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets have their new general manager, and the choice is receiving close to universal praise. Joe Douglas has generally been viewed as a blue chip prospect for the job. Those guys are not easier to find. They also are not easy to land. Candidates of this caliber frequently turn down interview requests.

The fact the Jets were able to land Douglas could potentially be a turning point for the franchise. We discuss that on today’s podcast. The Johnson ownership has brought periods of success and failure for the Jets. The most recent stretch has been full of the latter.

The quality of ownership is not set in stone, however. Sometimes owners who seem good turn bad, and owners who seem bad turn good. Much like the trajectory of a playing career can go up and down. This has the potential to be a move that changes the trajectory of the Johnson tenure.