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How did the Jets do in the 2019 NFL Draft vs. CBS Sports’ big board?

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In the lead up to the NFL Draft, many analysts put together a big board. This their ranking of the prospects. Over the next few days, I want to take a look at various big boards and compare them to the slots in the NFL Draft where the Jets made their picks.

Today we continue by looking at the big board of CBS Sports.

As a reminder, none of these will definitely prove the Jets or an analyst are right or wrong. By doing a number of these, we will be able to see whether a consensus believes the Jets got good value from their picks.

Quinnen Williams (Jets pick: 3; CBS Sports’ rank: 2) +1 value

Virtually nobody is going to argue the Jets got poor value with their first pick.

Jachai Polite (Jets pick: 68; CBS Sports’ rank: 104) -36 value

Opinions on Polite vary wildly. This was one big board where he was not rated all that highly.

Chuma Edoga (Jets pick: 92; CBS Sports’ rank: 126) -34 value

This big board doesn’t seem to think much of the Jets’ third round.

Trevon Wesco (Jets pick: 121; CBS Sports’ rank: 322) -201 value

If you buy this one, Wesco should have been an undrafted free agent.

Blake Cashman (Jets pick: 157; CBS Sports’ rank: 133) +24 value

While not as high on Cashman as some of the other big boards we have seen, yet another one suggests the Jets got good value.

Blessaun Austin (Jets pick: 196; CBS Sports’ rank: 255) -59 value

There were 254 picks in this year’s Draft so this big board says Austin should have been the highest priority undrafted free agent.

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