The case for the playoffs!

Yeah the timing of the Mike M firing was beyond bizarre and as of now we don't even have a GM but ultimately what matters most is the strength of the roster which is vastly improved versus last yr. It's ironic that Mike M was fired after his only solid draft with the Jets. So here are the 5 reasons I believe the Jets have more than a fair chance of making the playoffs:

1. Sam D was the top rated QB in the last 3 weeks as per PFF. With a mediocre OL, scarcity of offensive weapons, and less than impressive scheming, Darnold still managed to show ample glimpses of potential and should only get better in his 2nd year. And say what you want about wide-eyed Gase he can only be better for Sam D's development than Jeremy Bates who just flat out sucked ass.

2. Le'veon Bell is pound for pound arguably the most complete running back in the NFL and a likely game changer on offense. Yes he can be a headcase but hard to argue with nearly 130 yards from scrimmage per game! Plus people sometimes forget just how good a blocker he is.

3. Quinnen Williams and Jachai Polite could power the first solid pass rush for the Jets in a long long time. Don't get me wrong - my first reaction to drafting Williams was one of slight disappointment 'coz it's easier to get to the QB from the outside than the inside so in that sense a Josh Allen was a more obvious choice for immediate pass rush help. But look at it this way - truly elite interior pass rushers are even rarer so if one can grab one with that kind of upside and still nab a 1st round talent edge rusher in the 3rd why not do that?! Polite's maturity concerns are real but overblown imo. The upside he shows in his tape is undeniable. And expect more from the big cat with fewer double teams

4. Osemel single-handedly improves the Jets offensive line. God knows we needed a nasty pro-bowl caliber guard and not only will Osemel get to shine in a zone blocking system that he fits better into, he is out to prove something - he's lost 30 pounds with a keto diet - watch out people.

5. We likely have the best ILB combo in the NFL. Yes the Jets likely overpaid Mosley a few million $ per yr but in return we got the closest player there is to Ray Lewis currently in the league. Not only is Mosley as consistent of a 3-down LB as there is in the game, he reads offenses incredibly well and he will help the entire defense with his calls.

Yes we are still weak at center but Jonathan Harrison wont be any worse than Spencer Long, and yes we are weak at CB but Darryl Roberts actually played reasonably well at corner (not so much at safety), and there's more than a decent chance Trumaine J bounces back at least a little bit. Also one can hope that Maye's health holds up for once which would give us one of the better safety tandems in the league.

So don't let all the 'same ole Jets' get u down ppl. There is hope!

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