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Jets podcast: Top five players on rookie deals

Green Bay Packers v New York Jets Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images

I hope everybody had a good weekend.

We are back today with another top five offseason Tuesday podcast. Today we are taking a look at the young talent on the roster.

The NFL is a league where it is essential to draft and develop young talent. Super Bowl teams are built on homegrown impact players. The Jets’ recent lack of success goes back to the team’s poor drafting.

There is a bit of light on the horizon. Years of being near the bottom of the league has provided the team with a number of top ten picks who can form the foundation of a turnaround. Today we are looking at the top five players on the Jets on rookie contracts who will help the team rise over the next few years.

Rookie contracts are a bit tricky to judge. Leonard Williams is entering his fifth year and still technically on his rookie deal, while Robby Anderson, entering his fourth year, is not and is thus ineligible for the list.

On today’s show we go through the top five still on a rookie deal.