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Jets podcast: Advice to Chris Johnson

NFL: New England Patriots at New York Jets Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

These days I see plenty of arguments about the state of the Jets under our new Adam Gase overlord, and I find my views don’t fit neatly into either side of the debate.

There are issues pertaining to the firing of Mike Maccagnan that I believe transcend the general manager’s poor job performance. These are issues about the way Chris Johnson has operated that make me concerned about his approach to management for the future.

Despite my concerns about management’s approach, I do not believe Maccagnan deserved to stay. So you will not see me agitated over the mere fact Maccagnan is gone. If you want vitriol over the fact the Jets have tinkered with the back end of Maccagnan’s roster by adding a punter and dropping an unproductive fifth round tight end, you’ll have to go elsewhere. I can refer you to a writer who is outraged over all of these things and the fact Peter Schrager might be part of preseason telecasts.

It’s one thing to point out the issues, but we have a football team to fix. On today’s podcast I offer some advice to Chris Johnson going forward about how he should function and develop his leadership style.