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Jets mailbag: Can Jonotthan Harrison develop into a passable starting center?

NFL: Scrimmage-New York Jets at Washington Redskins Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

It is difficult to believe, but we are already one week past the start of the NFL Draft. The Jets added Quinnen Williams to their team last Thursday night in Nashville. To celebrate this occasion, today we have a podcast mailbag. Thank you once again to everybody who submitted mailbag questions. The show would not work without you. Feel free to resend your questions next week if they were not answered on today’s show.

Today we look at whether the Minnesota Vikings could be a potential trade partner with the Jets in their search for a starting cornerback, whether the acquisition of Kelechi Oseleme and the hiring of a new offensive line coach could mold Jonotthan Harrison into a quality starting center, who the best pick would have been if the Jets still had their second round pick, which teams had the best Draft classes, and how Quinnen Williams will be deployed on defense.

Thanks for listening.