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New York Jets Flight Connections 5/2/19

Bringing your daily links to the NFL’s New York Jets

Green Bay Packers v New York Jets Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images

Good morning, Jet fans! I hope everyone’s having a great start to their day. For some reason people are already coming out with 2020 Mock Drafts, as if that’s not a complete waste of time. Personally, I think most mocks up until the final month or so are complete hogwash; and even then the draft is a total crapshoot. New addition Valentine Holmes talks about the transition from rugby to American football. I’m not saying that he won’t make the team, but most rugby guys who aren’t kickers tend to wash out of the league very quickly. Best of luck to him and maybe he will be an exception from the norm. There’s a lot of talk about veterans who may be on the roster bubble, but in all honesty the entire team with a handful of exceptions should not feel safe. You don’t consistently have less than 6 wins per season if the team is full of studs, and anyone who tells you otherwise is trying to save face. Will the Jets finally become relevant for something other than being a trade partner? We’ll find out. With that said here are your links for the team this Thursday.

Manish Mehta - Jets Mailbag: The truth about the rumored Adam Gase-Mike Maccagnan rift

Jeremy Bergman - Mike Maccagnan explains why Jets didn't trade down

James Kattato - New York Jets: Post Draft/Free Agency Offensive Analysis

Tyler Greenawalt - Jets’ 4 biggest questions following 2019 NFL draft

Matt Stypulkoski - How much salary cap space do Jets have left after 2019 NFL Draft? Analyzing cap situation entering OTAs

Tyler Calvaruso - Jets need to act fast if interested in re-signing Morris Claiborne

Rich Cimini - Darron Lee a goner? Jets should think twice before trading 2016 first-rounder

Tucker Hoadley Shaw - New York Jets: Is Trevon Wesco Really The Next Gronkowski?

Michael Nania - New York Jets draft class: Endangered veterans on the roster (Part 1)

Mike Nash - What are Jets’ odds of making playoffs, Super Bowl after NFL draft?

Matt Stypulkoski - NFL mock draft 2020: Who will Jets target next year? What way-too-early 1st-round projections tell us about team needs, priorities

Darryl Slater - QB power rankings, after 2019 NFL Draft: Where are PatriotsTom Brady, Cardinals’ Kyler Murray, Jets’ Sam Darnold, GiantsEli Manning, EaglesCarson Wentz?

SNY - Jets' Valentine Holmes explains hardest part about rugby-to-NFL transition

Ethan Greenberg - Rugby League to NFL: Inside Valentine Holmes’ Transition to Jets

Here are your missed connections from yesterday.

Here’s the thread about nothing, as written by the Fly guy.

I hope you all have a safe and wonderful rest of the day!


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