Best Possibility Or Worst Case

The present situation as we all are aware of from the outside looking in does look like a mess. Even from the inside it might resemble a mess, but at this point what is done is done and we have to move forward. I wont get in to what Macc did well and not did well, his main crime was not finding gems that other teams found later in the draft. At least Gase has a vision of what HE wants and Speaks up for it, good, bad, or indifferent. Its to early to say it cant work or that it will. If they are winning which means more than 10 wins on this season, will anyone care how? or will the quality of the wins, the growth of Sam, the improved Defense, the Improved offensive players and schemes matter more than the temporary drama at the present...If you love and believe in this team lets root them on....

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