My case for luck

It would be hard to argue that the Jets haven't bungled this off season on almost every front when discussing coaches and the GM situation. I won't go through the litany of moronic decisions that others here have already spelled out quite well. Suffice to say that the Jets ownership and higher ups have a process that would shudder most businesses. Could this, however, be the time that the bind squirrel find a nut.

So first we clearly fired Macc too late.... maybe a year too late given his shoddy record, though i guess I can be sold on keeping him after he scored us a QB for the first time in decades. But did we get lucky considering, the clear mistake of letting a guy spend a record amount of money and draft for us in a draft that we had the #3 overall pick? Lets look at the results.

We spent a few bucks in FA, but then again we had to. Our big money guys were Bell and Mosley, who are 2 top notch players even if they don't play what most (myself included) would consider premium positions. We got Crowder, a crafty slot receiver that can make Sam's life easier. The trade for KO might have just been Macc's best move of the offseason. We got a guy who has the potential to be an all pro at a massive position of need. I'd say that barring a few over pays, which we were going to have to do regardless of who we got, the main draw back to this FA period was the handling of the C position.... there is no way to sugar coat it, it was a disaster. I'd feel pretty amazing about our haul if Paradis was part of it, but all in all this might be Macc's best free agency period.... that is not a very high bar to clear.

Macc was just a lonely man with a camera pointed at him during the draft. It was like the Truman Show in there. A draft where we had a very high pick at our disposal. I think the vast majority of us wanted a trade back. We had lots of holes to fill, and in my opinion at least, getting a plethora of picks is how you build a top to bottom talented roster. Macc has a tough time making decisions though, and has a propensity for playing it safe. And he played it as safe as was humanly possible. He took Quinnen Williams who was, in my estimation, the best player in this draft by a large margin. After that, what followed could potentially be Macc's best draft. Not amazing, not even great, but a sold draft where he got good value for most of his picks, and even a few potential steals. Usually the only stealing that goes on after round 1 in Macc's drafts are the players he selects stealing a pay check and doing nothing in return.

My point is this. IF we somehow walk away from this debacle with a good GM candidate (ie Joe Douglass), we might not actually have to pay the price that is generally doled out after this level of incompetence. In this offseason we got a much needed infusion of talent, and several young players to pin our hopes to. We got a coach who got decent play out of a terrible Tannehill, and a DC who has an aggressive style to unleash our young defensive players. We might have just been lucky enough to escape a myriad of bad decisions.... but probably not.... we are the Jets afterall.

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