Call Me Crazy

Call me crazy, but this Maccagnan firing really isn't moving the needle for me. I wanted to post yesterday, but I decided to give it some time to see if I could knock some emotion loose. I mean, yeah, sure, when the news broke there was obviously some shock at the timing. Nobody is expecting a GM to be fired on a sleepy Wednesday morning in the middle of May, but once that faded, I haven't really been able to get too riled up about this one way or another.

In a weird way, I'm kind of happy it happened. Yeah, when you lay it out- having a GM pick a Head Coach, spend a huge amount of cash, and run a draft featuring a top 3 pick, just to fire him before camp even starts- it sounds backwards... and stupid... and idiotic. For ownership to take the side of a head coach who's been here 3 months and coached zero games for you and to be convinced to give him total control (even once they hire a GM, Gase will make damned sure that GM is amenable to the roster decisions he wants to make), it make ownership look gullible and easy to doop.

But here's the thing, what if it works?

First of all, Maccagnan didn't hire Adam Gase, Christopher Johnson did. Johnson ran the interviews, Johnson got the endorsement call from Peyton Manning about Gase, Gase reports directly to Johnson. I'm sure Maccagnan was consulted by Johnson, but the hiring decision was made by Johnson. Johnson then created an Organizational Structure where both Gase and Maccagnan report directly to him, differing from the standard "Coach → GM → Owner" hierarchy. This reporting structure is what allowed the coupe to even happen. So, the Jets didn't let Maccagnan pick a Head Coach.

Letting the GM spend as much money as he did and then firing him? I can see that being more of an issue for some people. But my question is, did he really do anything that's going to set the franchise back? Did he spend recklessly and put the team in a hole for the future? No, he didn't. He got an elite RB/Offensive Weapon for the team's young franchise QB at a discounted price. He probably overpaid on Mosely a bit, but he's still a perennial Pro Bowl LB that's going to be a key piece moving forward. With the Cap continually expanding, I don't see the overpay as a huge issue. So it's not like Maccagnan went scorched Earth on the Franchise and drained the bank accounts before leaving, he had what appears to be a solid off-season. Now news has come out that Gase was unhappy with those contracts. Well oh well, it's too late for him to do anything now. It's a bad optic for news to break that your coach thinks his two newest stars are overpaid, but I think this rift was more about Gase feeling like his opinions were being ignored more than him not wanting the players, he'll gladly take two players of their caliber.

The Draft is another aspect that I think is getting blown out of proportion. Do we know for a fact that Maccagnan had total control over those decisions? We don't. For all we know, these were agreed upon picks by both men. Yeah, Gase may have wanted to move down for picks instead of taking Quinnen, Maccagnan did too bu they weren't getting the offers they wanted, maybe Gase would have pulled the trigger (more on that later), but I have a hard time believing Gase had no interest in Quinnen Williams. There were probably some differences in opinion on the later picks, and maybe that's what's pushed this thing to a head.

Here's why this may all work, Gase is cooking the meal, and now he gets to pick his ingredients. I believe it all comes down to that. Gase had a vision for the roster he wanted to build here and Maccagnan didn't see it exactly the same way. This was a forced marriage by Christopher Johnson, who expected them to work together, and honestly likely expected Maccagnan to help Gase execute the vision he sold the Jets brass in interviews. When Maccagnan didn't comply with everything Gase wanted it strained the relationship and Gase started complaining that he wasn't getting the support he needed. When Gase saw some of the flaws in Maccagnan's approach to the off-season, things people here at GGN and on Twitter have complained about for YEARS like: Caving on free agent deals and overpaying, being too slow to the jump and missing out on opportunities, being indecisive on trades, etc. With Maccagnan, it always felt like big moves ended in either him pulling out or getting fleeced, there were very few true wins. My guess is that Gase saw these inadequacies combined with not getting his way on roster decisions, and felt he needed to act quickly to get Maccagnan out of power. Gase knows his leash is limited, if he goes down he wants it to be on his terms, not because someone gave him the wrong pieces. And oddly, I can respect that.

So now you have Gase in total control of what this team does, it's all on him. There's no scapegoat. If your going to pin your hopes on this guy, it makes sense to empower him with the ability to do it his way. If he can hire a true GM for the day-to-day things, that truly shares his vision, someone like Joe Douglas, this move just may work out.

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