Looking back: 2018 NFL Draft

This is not about praising Macc, but realizing that we had a good draft.

2018 draft gets buried in the memories of upset fans which is understandable, and we all sometimes reflect on the past and hope the next GM has drafts like the 2018 draft. The 2018 draft was one of the best in the 21st century in Jets history.

Here is the breakdown of the draft:

With the 3rd pick of the draft, we got our franchise QB Sam Darnold. We had to make a big trade to get the 3rd pick which was worth it.

Our 3rd round pick was Shepherd who disappointed, but Shepherd shows potential as a back-up DL.

Our 4th round pick was Herndon was a big steal by the end of his rookie season was a NFL top 10 TE.

Our 6th round picks Nickerson, Cannon, and Foley were mostly a non-factor, but Cannon showed potential as a back-up running back/special teams.

Our 7th round pick (during day 3 of the draft) was traded for H. Anderson, and we re-signed H. Anderson to continue to be a starting DL for the next 3 years.

We got 3 starters for years to come, and some potential long-term back-ups.

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