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Highlights from Chris Johnson’s press conference explaining Mike Maccagnan’s firing

NFL: New York Jets at New York Giants Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Jets CEO Chris Johnson spoke with the press this afternoon after the team fired general manager Mike Maccagnan today.

Here are some of the highlights with my thoughts.

My Take: There might not be a good time to do this, but May after allowing the general manager to spend a record amount of money and run the Draft seems like an exceptionally poor time to do this.

My Take: This is truly a remarkable statement. Chris Johnson is this team’s CEO. His job is to have a handle on the important issues facing this franchise at all times. His finger certainly should have been on the pulse enough to know whether he wanted to continue with a general manager BEFORE such a consequential offseason. This statement is essentially an admission he wasn’t doing his job during the 2018 season.

My Take: If the Jets did such a great job, Johnson has a lot of explaining to do about why the team made this change.

My Take: Seriously?

My Take: That might be nominally true, but for all practical purposes Gase now has control of this franchise. The owner just put all applicants on notice that Gase being unhappy with personnel moves is grounds for termination.

My Take: There are some attractive aspects of this job (Sam Darnold), but again the head coach having the ability to get you fired because he disagrees with moves seems like a major drawback, one that might limit the candidates to Adam Gase cronies.