Are the Jets going to "revive" the 4-4?

With the first 2 selections of the 2019 draft and the offseason signings there is plenty of talent on the defensive side of the ball that someone is riding the pine or they need to use some way to get all the players on the field.

Using the 4-4 gets the defensive line be fully present with the 2 Williams, Anderson, and McClendon. It also lets the Jets use all their linebackers they have now as well. Polite and Lee on the outside with Mosley and Williamson inside. Now this does leave us with only 3 defensive backs so that would be T. Johnson as 1 of the corners, whoever is the hot hand at the second outside CB position, and more than likely Adams as the lone safety. There is no 3rd CB to cover the slot so you would have to know the LB covering them can do so.

You could also adjust this to make Adams play as a LB with Lee on the bench and Maye patrolling the back. The set up would be highly effective against teams with a good run game but a team that is pass happy would have a field day with these match ups and we would just be seeing nickel and dime packages. This would also place emphasis on the defensive line to be the one to stop the run game of the opposition and hope Polite is good enough to play as the strong side OLB.

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