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Alternate Draft 2019

Mock drafts are fun, but making your picks right alongside Mike Maccagnan is heaven for a draft hog like myself.

NCAA Football: Citrus Bowl-Kentucky vs Penn State Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

It’s easy to look back a year or more in the past and go “Hey, we should have taken that guy!” It’s a lot harder to go on the clock and make your own picks right alongside the GM for all 7 rounds. It will be fun to go back and look at these picks head to head in a couple of years.

Round 1:

My pick: Edge, Josh Allen, Kentucky

Macc’s pick: IDL, Quinnen Williams, Alabama

Choosing between the best player and the draft and the player I think is best for us was horrible. In the end I sided with the pick that I believe has a better chance of being more productive despite not having the highest floor. That might not make much sense, but hear me out. The edge group has few elites and then gradually descends to the 2nd tier. In 2018, only 11 IDL players had more than 50 pressures. The edge group more than doubled that with 27. Only 6 IDL guys had 10 or more sacks. The Edge group had 21. For the positions they play, if they both do fall into the next tier, Allen is more likely to be productive than Q. A top 15 IDL is more likely to be a 45 pressure, 6 sack guy where a top 15 edge is more likely to be a 60 pressure, 11 sack guy.

Round 3:

My pick: OT, Yodny Cajuste, West Virginia

Macc’s pick: Edge, Jachai Polite, Florida

Cajuste is the kind of nasty tackle that would fit right in on this team of “dogs.” He is no stranger to playing through the whistle. Yodny has great arm length, and uses it well to shepard defenders around the arc. He shows good balance, footwork and strength to also be plus in the run game. He has 1st round talent, but there are rumblings that he is injury prone. His most recent was a torn quad. In the 3rd round, a talent like Cajuste’s is too good to pass up. Polite is one of my favorite edges in the class, but since I took Allen in the 1st, I decided to go with our future biggest need.

Round 3:

My pick: WR, Hakeem Butler, Iowa State

Macc’s pick: OT, Chuma Edoga, USC

I had a late 2nd round grade on Butler. He is a giant, imposing receiver that uses his size and length to shield off defenders easily. He’s a real bully, and would give Sam an alpha talent to toss it up to when in trouble. Butler does have some questionable hands, but will more often than not come down with the ball in contested situations. I like Edoga as a developmental guy, but with Cajuste in the loop Edoga would have been a little redundant.

Round 4:

My pick: CB, Mark Fields, Clemson

Macc’s pick: TE, Trevon Wesco, West Virginia

Considering my 4th round pick didn’t even get drafted, I understand that this looks like a bit of a reach. The thing with Fields is that he has seen so little of the playing field. When he did play though, he was a shutdown corner. I am sure there was some reason Clemson didn’t play him more, but I couldn’t find it. His ability to lock down receivers was impressive, and I wasn’t comfortable taking anyone else. Wesco was a fun watch. He is a brute when blocking and is sneaky as a receiver. He finds the soft spots and exploits them. We’ll see how Fields does in KC, but Wesco might get the nod here. We’ll see in a few years.

Round 5:

My pick: C/G, Lamont Gaillard, Georgia

Macc’s pick: LB, Blake Cashman, Minnesota

This pick was easy to make. We are starved for centers. Harrison is decent depth, and ok in spot starts. Unless he greatly improves under Gase, we need an upgrade. Gaillard might not be a day 1 starter, but he has a lot of upside, and could make an impact sooner rather than later. The difference between 2017/18 Gaillard and 2018/19 Gaillard is night and day. I almost stopped watching him after watching 2017/18. I am glad I didn’t. He was so much improved in almost every aspect. He went from being an off balanced turnstyle against Bama to holing his own against Q. Williams. Right now, we have pretty decent depth at offball LBer, but Cashman still has some high upside.

Round 6:

My pick: WR, Kelvin Harmon, NC State

Macc’s pick: CB, Blessuan Austin, Rutgers

This opportunity was too good to pass up. I had a late 2nd round grade on Harmon. The fact that he was still around here is amazing. I know teams were put off by his 4.60 40, but the guy is still very well rounded. He has the size we covet, and uses it well. His hands a reliable. Even with his size, he is very fluid in his change of direction. He won’t blow anyone away with his quickness, but still manages to get open. Austin has some low risk high reward ability, but I already took that with Mark FIelds.

Here’s an overview of how both Macc and I did. I think Macc did a great job with his first two picks, but I think I did a little better in the mid to late round picks. We won’t know for sure for another few years. Let me know what you think.