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The Jets Have Two Picks Tonight On Day Two Of The NFL Draft

NFL: NFL Draft Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports

Day Two of the 2019 NFL draft is upon us. Tonight rounds two and three of the draft take place. The selections begin with the first pick of the second round scheduled to go on the clock at 7:00 pm EDT. Teams have seven minutes to make second round selections, and five minutes to make all selections after the second round.

The New York Jets currently have two picks scheduled for tonight, both in the third round. The earlier pick is #68 and the later pick is #93. If the selections take the maximum amount of time pick #68 will be on the clock shortly after 11:00 pm tonight and pick #93 will be on the clock shortly after 1:00 am tomorrow morning. However, the mid and later rounds of the draft tend to move along at a much brisker pace than the first round, so I wouldn’t expect the Jets picks to take quite so long tonight. In addition, rumors are swirling that the Jets are aggressively attempting to move up into the second round, in which case the Jets will be picking significantly earlier than if they wait until #68 for their first selection.

Whatever happens we’ll be bringing it all to you right here on Gang Green Nation, deep into the wee hours of the morning if necessary.