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Potential Jets trade target Frank Clark dealt to the Chiefs

Minnesota Vikings v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

Trade rumors about edge rusher Frank Clark picked up steam over the last few days. On Tuesday the Seahawks dealt Clark to the Kansas City Chiefs.

It always felt to me like dealing for Clark would be an uphill battle for the Jets. The team simply lacked the resources to make a deal happen.

I’m sure some people will be upset, but I think you have to look at this calmly.

In life and football alike, sometimes you have to make sacrifices. Last year the Jets were in a position where they needed to land their quarterback of the future. They traded three second round picks to move up from the 6th overall pick to the 3rd overall pick so they could take Sam Darnold. Getting the quarterback meant the Jets would lack the resources to do things in the future. One of them was dealing for a guy like Clark. If Darnold pans out, this sacrifice will be well worth it.

I also must note that I think the price to obtain Clark was too high for my liking even if the Jets had the necessary resources.