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How likely is it the Jets will trade for Frank Clark?

Minnesota Vikings v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

Seahawks edge rusher Frank Clark was given the franchise tag by the team back in March. Over the last few days trade rumors have picked up steam, some linking the 2015 second round pick to the Jets.

Things got moving last week on Tony Pauline’s podcast.

“It’s well known the Jets have been in desperate need of a pass-rusher literally for the past 15 years. … Frank Clark was the guy they wanted. … I’m told that the Jets had made some offers to Seattle. The problem with the Jets is they don’t really have the ammunition at this point and time that Seattle wants for Frank Clark. (The Jets have the No. 3 overall pick, but Indianapolis has their second-round pick due to a trade from last year) … If they build up enough ammunition, they will broach the topic of trading for Frank Clark again.

Ian Rapoport indicated today that the Jets are still in the mix for Clark.

NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport reported Monday on Good Morning Football that the Seahawks have been talking to several teams about Clark, including the Indianapolis Colts, Kansas City Chiefs and New York Jets.

The issue likely comes down to price.

The fit for Clark on the Jets would be obvious. The team could surely use an edge rusher with 13 sacks last year.

The problem is things don’t fit on multiple other levels.

If Seattle is demanding for the third overall pick, the Seahawks don’t have a realistic view of Clark’s value. This is a nice pass rusher, but we aren’t talking about a Von Miller or Khalil Mack level player. Clark will demand a big extension, and by keeping the third pick the Jets have roughly a flip of a coin’s chance of getting a better player who will be substantially cheaper over the next four years.

But the Jets’ next pick at 68 overall is not enough value for Seattle to consider sending Clark out.

The Seahawks also pick too low to make a swap of first round picks a value move for the Jets. Seattle has pick 21. Even adding Clark and pick 21 in exchange for the third pick would be awful value for the Jets. And it is worth noting that sometimes such an exorbitant ask for a player is a sign the team is not serious about wanting a trade.

This creates a lot of complications. Seattle would probably have to add extra picks to make this work. But will a Seattle team already poor in Draft picks want to send a second rounder out to facilitate the exit of a good player.

The Jets could also trade down to acquire a later pick to flip for Clark, but there are no guarantees that would happen. It also would likely have to wait until Draft night.

The bottom line is that while a deal between the Jets and Seahawks is possible, there are a lot of roadblocks other Clark suitors won’t face. The assets the Jets have just don’t add up neatly with a deal that gives both sides fair value.