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The Jets 2019 schedule is official

New York Jets v New England Patriots Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

The NFL officially announced the release of its schedule tonight. The Jets’ schedule leaked earlier in the day, but we now know for sure the dates and times the team will play its games.

What I like about the schedule:

We already knew this going in, but the Jets will have very limited travel to do this year. The team will not have to leave the Eastern Time Zone in the regular season. This was the perfect storm of getting games against the AFC North and NFC East, a home contest against the one AFC West opponent, and Jacksonville being the AFC South opponent. You might never again see a Jets season that involves so little travel.

What I don’t like about the schedule:

As a general rule of thumb, I like byes to come as late as possible. I think it is usually better to have a week to get refreshed and ready for the stretch run rather than an early week off. With that said, situations can change. The last time the Jets had an early bye week was 2015. A number of key players got banged up early in the year for the Jets so the bye near the start of the season actually benefited the Jets.

What I really don’t like is the fact road games follow all three short weeks the Jets have. In particular, the trip to New England off a short week is less than ideal. So is the Thursday night road game in December when the team will be beaten up near the end of a long season. At least the Jets won’t have to travel that far to these games.

What I am neutral about:

I understand why people try to figure out the easy and difficult stretches of the schedule, but we don’t know which games will be easy and which will be hard. Every year teams we expect to be good underperform, and teams we expect to be bad surprise us. Preseason predictions are always wrong, and we can’t predict key injuries.

We know New England is going to be good. For almost every other team it is a guessing game.