2019 Jet's WR thoughts and projections

How does GGN feel about the 2019 starting WR's (as of now) of Anderson, Enunwa and Crowder? IMO I don't see the Jets drafting a WR in 2019 unless they trade out of #3 and pick up more picks. The need to acquire a stud pass rusher and some OL help is too big to ignore over taking a WR considering since they only have six picks in 2019.

So with that being said let's consider the three WR's I've mentioned: Anderson, Enunwa and Crowder. What reasonable projections do we see for those three in 2019. The addition RB Bell will definitely help the offense by bringing a stud RB into the mix with his run/catch ability. Thus the need to help the OL with a solid draft pick is paramount. Finally, I'm hoping that Anderson and Darnold can start off where they left off!!!!

My WR projections for 2019 are:


This takes into account Darnold increasing his pass attempts from 414 (2018) to 500-525 (2019 est) and Robby Anderson increasing his target share from 22% (2018) to 25%+/- (2019 est). As for his TD's, I think 8 is well within his reach considering an increase in targets. Yep, Robby Anderson finally gets 1000 yards and his name draws Pro Bowl consideration due to his deep ball catch rate.


Crowder is a very good slot receiver and should find room to work if the Darnold/Bell play action combo can pan out by drawing in the LB's.


IMO Enunwa will probably be the 4th receiving option behind Anderson, Bell and Crowder. Thus his numbers reflect this. I think though that he may increase his TD total since he is built like a RB and can be used near the goal line a bit more.

Though he is not a WR I think Bell will pick up 60-80 targets in 2019 due to his pass catching ability.

OK GGN what do you think? Give me some feedback on my projections and give me your projections?


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