AGOP: Not a Very Wize Approach to an Offseason

Giving a shout out to my favorite person to argue with on this site. So getting into this offseason. I used for our cap numbers. I also used a few different mock draft websites to determine draft slots and value of different prospects. I used ESPN, NFL, Draftsite, DraftTek and CBS. For the free agency contracts I will do my best to estimate values of contracts with our cap hit for 2019 in (). My approach to the offseason is solidifying the defense, and rebuilding our offense, with a focus on rebuilding a very bad offensive line.

Free Agency:

Restructure: Kelvin Beachum, LT, 3 years, 19 mil, 13 mil guarantees (7 mil). Right now there just are not good alternatives to our LT issues for the 2019 season. Beachum is due $9.5 mil. We could save $8 mil by just cutting him, but then that also leaves us with probably having to overpay for mediocre talent. Beachum is just that, a mediocre LT.

Cuts: Isiah Crowell, RB- Cap Savings $3. Too much of a feast or famon with not enough feast.

Brian Winters, OG- cap saving $6.5 mil. When you have winters, Shell, or Beachum as your worst o lineman, you have a decent line. When they are your best, you have a bad o line. Winters is the worst of the bunch.

So with a total of $12 mil from restructures and cuts we have a toral of $105 mil in projected cap space to head into free agency. Our biggest needs in order are: OL, Edge, Cb, Rb, Wr, and NT.


Trey Flowers, DE/EDGE, 6 years, 98 mil, 48 mil in gaurantees(16 mil) premier Edge talent does not hit the market often. When a 25 year old edge, who is very good, and also got released from your rival, hits the market you pounce. What I love about flowers is his versatility.

Anthony Barr, OLB, 5 years 70 mil, 34 mil guarantees( 12 mil) There is a lot of debate about if Barr is an Edge or OLB. Regardless of the position, hes a very good football player. He would got in nicely on the opposite side of Flowers.

Mitch Morse, C- 5 years, 65 mil, 32 mil guaranteed (11 mil)- the center position has been a joke. Morse is excellent in the run game, and holds blocks when the qb extends plays. He is also only 27 years old.

Rodger Sadfold, OG, 5 years, 70 mil, 36 guaranteed (12 mil)- I wanted to limit myself to 3 big money guys. However, we have so much cap room and so many holes to fill. The addition of Sadfold and Morse gives us one heck of an interior.

Kevin Johnson, CB, 2 years 16 mil, 11 guaranteed (6 mil)- a former top pick with an injury history. It's a familiar storyline for jets fans. However, it's an area of need and sometimes these are the cheap type of players you need to hit on.

Henry Anderson, DL, 3 years 19 mil, 11 guaranteed (5 mil)- the iron man is back. Not a guy you're really breaking the bank for. Not really a game changer, but he is very effective when he is in there.

Chance Warmack, OG, 1 year, 2 mil guaranteed (2 mil)- A pure depth move with a guy that its ultra athletic. Loved him coming out of college, but hes never lived up to much. Maybe a change of scenery does him well.

Byron Bell, OT, 2 years, 7 mil, 5 mil guaranteed (3 mil)- always a fringe starter that does well in a fill in roll. He understands the game, and what's needed of him.

Bobby Hart, OL, 1 year, 1.5 mil (1.5 mil)- A fill in player at both guard and tackle. A bring over from our new o line coach.

Andre Roberts, KR/WR- 2 years, 4 mil, ( 2 mil)- the best returner in the game last year comes back. He doesnt offer much in the passing game, except for the occasional wheel route.

George Iokla, S, 1 year, 1 mil (1 mil)- Our safety position is set, if everyone stays healthy. Iokla had a very down year in Minnesota. However, he can fill in during nickel and dime packages, and understands coverages.

Bilal Powell, RB, 2 years 5 mil, (2 mil)- I have to be honest I am a Powell fan. I do not believe he has ever been used correctly. He catches well, he pass blocks, and he can hit the open hole. On a cheap contract I believe hes a better value than many running backs on the market.

Rishard Matthews, WR, 1 year 3 mil (3 mil)- Matthews is a very curious case to me. He had a fair amount of flashes and productivity in Tennessee and then fell off a cliff. Is it him? Was it Bates? Was it Sam Darnold?

Deontay Burnett, WR, 1 year, 1 mil (1 mil)- Burnett will likely never become a legit NFL WR. However, the chemistry with Darnold is there. He does flash a bit of ability that would make you think he could become an Adam Humphries type player.

Brian Winters, OG, 1 year, 4 mil, (4 mil)- Winters comes back on a prove it deal, at a reduced rate. He has incentive to show the team that drafted him, that he needs to be retained longterm, and his injuries caused his poor play.

We have used roughly $81.5 million of our cap, signing 15 players. That leaves us with roughly 12 more spots to fill, with Crowell being released. It also leaves us approximately 21.5 mil in cap space left.

The Draft (I will be using the trade value chart for all trades):

Round 1: After Murray goes number 1 and Josh Allem.goes number 2, the Broncos have to get their hands on Drew Lock. We recieve, picks 10, 41, 125, 182 and a 2020 2nd round pick.

Round 1, Pick 10: Jawaan Taylor, OT, Florida- after addressing the pass rush during free agency, we give up the chance at an elite edge rusher to help gain draft capital. Taylor will be a day 1 starter at RT, with the chance to earn the LT spot by opening kickoff. It's an area we really have failed to address for far too long.

Round 2, pick 41: N'Keal Harry, WR, AZ Sate- It is really no secret that Harry is my favorite player in the draft. Separation questions are what separates him from being. Top 15 pick. He had a good, but less than spectacular combine. However, over 2100 yards and 20 tds with excellent after the catch ability makes him a day 1 wr2.

Round 3, pick 68: Bobby Evans, OG, Oklahoma- Evans has been projected from early 2nd round to as low as the 4th, and every position from LT to RG. Personally I feel like he would be an excellent LG. After protecting the blindside for 2 number 1 picks, we get a great value pick.

Round 3, pick 93: Chase Winovich, DE, Michigan- everyone raves about rashaan Gary. He is the athletic freak that makes you drool. However, let's get the guy that produces. 8.5 sacks in 2017 and 5 last year. That goes along with 43.5 TFL. He wont wow you with his speed or vertical, but he is a high motor guy that swarms the ball.

Round 4, pick 105- Beau Benzschawel, C, Wisconsin- if you want a down and dirty grater type player you want Benzschawel. Another guy that will not wow you with athleticism. However, he just makes hole after hole, and has a very nasty streak to his game. He can also play RG or C.

Round 4, pick 125- Benny Snell Jr, RB, Kentucky- a 4.65 40 yard dash really hurt Snell's shot at propelling up the draft boards. He is a two down consistent back with nearly 4000 rushing yards to his resume. He reminds me a lot of Shonn Greene coming out of college.

Round 5, pick 140 (From Denver)- James Williams, RB, Washington State- I cannot justify spending 15 mil per year on a running back. Not when you have a guy like Williams that will fall because hes only 5' 9" 195 pounds. He had over 80 receptions at Washington State his senior year. He does tend to bounce outside too often though.

Round 5, pick 140-Stanley Morgan Jr - if you want a guy that catches everything you draft Morgan Jr. This guy fit the mold of a julian Edelman type wr. He is going to find an open seem, and hes going to catch the ball. He struggled with production, due to a bad qb situation, but still managed to go for 1000 yards and 7 tds.

Round 6, pick 182(from Denver)- Andrew Wingard, S/OLB, Wyoming- Wingard does not really have a set position. He can not cover well enough to play safety, and with a 4.56 40 time, hes not as fast as youd like. Hes also not big enough, or strong enough, to be an outside backer. He did have a productive career with 10 ints at Wyoming.

Round 7, pick 217- Mark Fields, CB, Clemson- I've seen him in two different reputable mocks going in the 2nd round. Fields is a guy that is just kind of there. He understands what he needs to do, and would do better in zone. He ran a 4.37 40 yard dash at the combine. He has a shot at being a strong nickel corner.

The final move we make is bringing in a kicker. Jason Meyers competes with Cody Parkey during the preseason. Cody Parkey ends up winning this battle, and is awarded with a 1.9 mil a year deal. leaving us with approximately 19 milin cap space, and and extra 2020 2nd round pick.

I chose not to sign Bell, Coleman, or any wide receivers because those are areas we have to address in thedraft.The value is just not there in free agency. The additions of Snell, Morgan, Harry, and Williams give us ample opportunities to devolpe very talented players with a variety of different skills. Let me know what you guys think. If my draft or contracts are way off also let me know.

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