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Rapoport: Jets out on Antonio Brown

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers at Pittsburgh Steelers Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday Ian Rapoport provided some buzz that the Jets might be part of the Antonio Brown sweepstakes. Just as easily as Rapoport giveth, Rapoport can taketh away. He now says the Jets are out of the running for the superstar wide receiver.

I don’t think this is any sort of shock. As I said yesterday when the buzz began, the Jets don’t have the Draft picks necessary to make a compelling offer unless they entertained a complex trade down involving a third team or a swap of early round picks with Pittsburgh.

While Brown would have fit an obvious need of a go-to guy, he also will come to his new team with plenty of baggage. The way he has handled the last year in Pittsburgh might have made him a less than ideal fit on a team with a young quarterback still in the process of claiming ownership of the locker room.