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Rapoport: Jets “enter the mix” in Antonio Brown sweepstakes

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at New Orleans Saints Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown might be traded within the next two weeks. The Jets are now in the mix for the disgruntled superstar according to Ian Rapoport.

While the Jets might be checking in, I still think making a deal for Brown would be an uphill climb. The team has the cap space to absorb the wide receiver’s contract, but without a second round pick the Jets might lack the resources to facilitate a deal.

Would Pittsburgh be willing to part with Brown for the discount price of a third round pick? It seems like wishful thinking to me. The third overall pick is likely a price too high to pay. To make the value work, the Jets might have to bring in a third team or figure out a pick swap with Pittsburgh. While it would not be impossible, any extra layer of complexity probably makes a deal less likely.