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What Mike Maccagnan had to say at the owners meetings

NFL: Combine Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Maccagnan spoke with the media on Monday at the NFL owners meetings. Here are some of the key points he made.

This included some of the greatest hits of an NFL GM a few weeks out from the Draft. Everything from praising a free agent addition (Bell) to being noncommittal about Draft trades to pretending the team is comfortable with a position of weakness (Harrison) was on display.

To me the most notable comments were about Darron Lee. Sometimes the transcript comes out different from the tone, but it doesn’t seem to me like Maccagnan made much of an effort to make it clear Lee is a part of this team’s future. He could have confirmed that Lee still has a big role in the defense. Saying things will work themselves out isn’t much of a vote of confidence in the former first round pick, especially after spending record money to acquire a potential replacement.