Have the Jets improved that much that they can beat the teams with losing records last year?

Looking at this year's Jet schedule outside of their division, they play Giants, Cowboys, Eagles, Redskins, Steelers Bengals, Browns, Ravens, Raiders and Jaguars. If the Jets have improved that much, can they beat the teams that have had losing records last year? To start, they have to come out of their division with four wins from Dolphins and Bills; they may not beat the vastly improved Browns but could get a "W" against the Ravens.

If this scenario comes to pass, they would have ten wins giving them a ticket to the dance floor as most likely a wildcard because I still think Brady and Belichick will still be on a roll. We must remember that when Adam Gase took over the Dolphins, having an average quarterback like Tannehill, he made the playoffs with ten wins, and I think that he is going into this year with better horses then he had in Miami. You have to "strike when the iron is hot" and playing ten games with teams with losing records last year is a good place to start.

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