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NY Jets: 2019 GGN Community Mock Draft

2018 NFL Draft Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Attention all draftniks. Shortly we will be conducting the 2019 Gang Green Nation community mock draft, and we want all of you fine people to take part... well at least as many of you fine people as this exercise will allow. This is the sign up thread. The mock draft will commence on THURSDAY, MARCH 21, AT 7:00 PM, meaning whoever signs up for the ARIZONA CARDINALS will be on the clock. The rules for the mock draft are as follows:

  1. I take the Jets. Part of the purpose of this is to study and know a different team around the league. Everyone knows the Jets needs, what they have, what young guys are good or stink, etc. Learn that for another team.
  2. You will have 24 hours from the previous selection to make your selection. If you do not pick within those 24 hours, the next team is on the clock. If you do blow the deadline, you may send in your pick at any time (like the real draft). If 5 picks pass before you are able to make a pick, then I will make your pick for you, and you will be replaced by the first available volunteer for any other picks you may hold in the draft. If you expect to miss your selection and wish to make your pick anyway, you may e-mail me at with a list of up to five selections in order of your preference, and I will pick from your list, provided any are still available at the time your selection comes up. Long story short: This is a long term commitment. You are expected to be aware of when your picks come up through five weeks. You are expected to check in periodically to respond to any trade offers that may come your way. The level of commitment required for this is excessive and obsessive. It is not for everyone. It is not for most people. If you are not the type of GGN member that checks in daily please don’t sign up. If you aren’t sure whether you can make the commitment please don’t sign up. Let those who can see this through have a go at it.
  3. Trades are allowed. You can trade current year picks, 2020 picks, and players. You cannot trade picks beyond next year, so no dealing your 2021 second round pick to move back into the 2019 first round. A fan post will be set up for all trade chatter to occur. If both parties agree to a trade, both parties should email the details to me at If a trade is absolutely ludicrous, it will be vetoed. Also be mindful of how the trading of a player affects the salary cap. We’re not asking that anyone be an expert capologist, but at least have some idea generally where your team stands with respect to the cap and how much cap space your team has. If a trade is not cap compliant for your team’s cap it will be rejected. Trading action tends to be wild, fast and furious in this mock draft. Before you sign up be aware of this and be sure you can commit to checking in regularly to see if any trade offers have been made to you.
  4. We will initially aim for a three round draft, which is only achievable if everyone makes an effort to keep up and move this thing along. If by some miracle the third round is finished prior to the start of the real 2019 NFL draft we will consider starting a fourth round.
  5. Sign ups are first come, first served. If you know that you do not check in on a daily basis and you stand a good chance of missing your selections or not seeing or responding to trade offers, PLEASE, PLEASE don’t sign up. We can only keep things running quickly and smoothly if you are committed to sticking around for the full five weeks and making your picks in a timely manner.
  6. The initial draft order is set as of the time and date this article is published. Any trades in the real world occurring after this article goes live will not be reflected in the GGN mock draft order.

Here is the draft order for round 1:

1. Arizona (Ponti)

2. San Francisco (Traveling Man)

3. New York Jets (MacGregor Wells)

4. Oakland (Feast for Cro(marties)s)

5. Tampa Bay (SionaBaaaoooha)

6. New York Giants (superhuman)

7. Jacksonville (Jeremy J. Jackson)

8. Detroit (newman104)

9. Buffalo (Perpetual Dissappointment)

10. Denver (Njb45)

11. Cincinnati (Will Agathis)

12. Green Bay (GenoTime7)

13. Miami (riverside the great)

14. Atlanta (JoJo Beans)

15. Washington (shiff71)

16. Carolina (theriz3)

17. New York Giants (superhuman)

18. Minnesota (BKKJETS)

19. Tennessee (shaythompson)

20. Pittsburgh (adam.sigma)

21. Seattle (LabRat1122)

22. Baltimore (Strong_Island_Jets_NY)

23. Houston (yowizeguy)

24. Oakland (Feast for Cro(marties)s)

25. Philadelphia (Whiskey Slick)

26. Indianapolis (Nanananananana)

27. Oakland (Feast for Cro(marties)s)

28. Los Angeles Chargers (curtis_fartin)

29. Kansas City (7 to Shea)

30. Green Bay (GenoTime7)

31. Los Angeles Rams (Wombat2333)

32. New England (Middlesex)

Teams without a first round selection: Cleveland (Stormborn), Dallas (jetstothesb), Chicago (MacGregor Wells), New Orleans (SP from the boogie).

Sign up in the comments by claiming a team not already taken and let’s make this a fun thing for everyone.