32 team mock draft, AKA my 1st round predictions

So we always do the picks until the Jets select and then we see the Jets selections and blah blah blah.

Well I'm going to go ahead and just do a 32 team mock 1st round draft. There will be trades in there and there will be some surprises.

1st overall: Cardinals
DT Quinnen Williams
We start with a shock and awe pick here. Quinnen is easily the best interior defensive line prospect in the draft and is highly considered a top 5 pick. The Cardinals do need help with their interior DL and thus the drafting of Williams here.

2nd: 49ers
DE/LB Nick Bosa
The 49ers are taking the fact that the Cardinals didn't take the consensus #1 pick and run to call Bosa's name as their selection without even entertaining the idea of trading down. This also helps them get their edge rusher that they need as well.

3rd overall: Jaguars
LB/DE Josh Allen
Normally I would be drafting Josh Allen no questions asked. However I'm looking at the Jaguars needing an edge rusher themselves and thinking they offer a package that is too tempting to pass up. The package is 7th overall, 38th overall, 2020 1st round for 3rd overall, 68, and 2020 3rd round

4th overall: Raiders
DE Montez Sweat
Raiders feel the pressure to draft an edge rusher and reach for Sweat. I think the selection will work out in the end but until Sweat's first game the Raiders will get blasted for taking him at 4th overall. They could also go Rashan Gary or Clelin Ferrell here but I think Sweat will just be better for the Raiders than either of them.

5th overall: Panthers
QB Dwayne Haskins
The Panthers feel pressure but this is that Cam Newton isn't as good as he was and need to do something for the future. The plan here is to groom Haskins a little bit and then sell of Cam in a few seasons. The pay a steep price to get here by giving up the 16th overall, 47th overall, and 2020 1st.

6th overall: Giants
QB Kyler Murray
Seeing Haskins gone they elect to take the next QB and are pretty happy about landing Murray.

7th overall: Jets
OT Andre Dillard
I know what a lot of you are probably thinking right now and it is something along the lines of "METCALF, JONAH WILLIAMS, DEVIN WHITE!!! THEY ARE ALL BETTER OPTIONS AT 7th OVERALL!!!!!" Well you know what, they are. HOWEVER Dillard is an interesting tackle prospect as he is actually the best pass blocking tackle in this draft class. That isn't a knock on other tackles but Dillard would be able to anchor the left tackle position for years to come and HOPEFULLY for the next decade at the least.

8th overall: Lions
DE Rashan Gary
They have a need at DE with the possibility of Ansah leaving the organization. Gary is easily the best option for the Lions need wise and even as possibly BPA.

9th overall: Bills
OT Jonah Williams
They can easily take the top tackle of the class to help secure the right side of the line with Dion Dawkins as the left tackle. He could easily switch to LT eventually if he leaves Buffalo or if they get rid of Dawkins.

10th overall: Packers
TE TJ Hockenson
The Packers have a niche need at Tight End and heard the Broncos would likely take one TJ Hockenson here at 10th overall. The Packers trade with that very team offering them the 12th overall, 115th overall, and a 2020 3rd round pick.

11th overall: Bengals
LB Devin White
They could use some help with the OT position but their MLB group needs some help as well. They get a player that can be gone much sooner than 11th overall and they breathe a sigh of relief.

12th overall: Broncos
OT/G Cody Ford
With question marks about the interior of their O-line they select Ford who they can put on the inside or even as a RT. He does have some competition with Ronald Leary and Connor McGovern on the roster but he should be able to hold on to a guard spot easily over McGovern.

13th overall: Dolphins
Edge Jachai Polite
I was tempted to give them a QB because they could use a better one but I think Polite is too good of a prospect to pass up with the 13th overall pick and he could possibly go higher if he has a good combine.

14th overall: Falcons
DT Ed Oliver
With a few players being reached for or moving up the boards Oliver slides down to the Falcons where he would be right at home if he is medically ready. If he is then it will give Atlanta a more potent defense and one that might bring them back to the NFC championship game and Superbowl.

15th overall: Titans
WR DK Metcalf
The Redskins get a decent package to drop down to the 19th overall pick (19th overall, 2020 2nd, 2020 3rd). Wide Receiver is a major position of need for the Titans and they get the one that is arguably the best option at 15th overall. They could go a different direction with this one but I think they would be happy with the selection.

16th overall: Buccaneers
S Nasir Adderly
Bucs need another safety and I think Adderly fits what they actually need perfectly. I also like his game better than Abram. They could also go with an OT here like Little but I think they want to try and fix a slightly bigger problem with their defense than a non-issue if they get a good enough LT in free agency.

17th overall: Browns
OT Greg Little
Browns are glad the Bucs went with Adderly and select the final 1st round graded Tackle. This selection helps them tremendously on the offensive line and only strengthens them to become hopeful playoff contenders.

18th overall: Vikings
DT Christian Wilkins
Despite the need with the offensive line the best option would be to fix the defense in what is a defense heavy first round. The next best guard would have been Chris Lindstrom and he doesn't exactly scream first round talent and the OLB talent at this point is a little less than ideal.

19th overall: Redskins
WR AJ Brown
Despite trading back and seeing Metcalf taken with their own pick they get a great talented WR in AJ Brown at 19th overall and don't even second guess it. They could have gone for a QB since Smith had that horrible injury.

20th overall: Steelers
WR Perris Campbell
Steelers can also grab "Hollywood" Brown or Deebo Samuel here to replace potentially departing Antonio Brown but the Steelers like the game of Campbell to complement that of Smith-Schuster. Still creates a nightmare of a WR tandem to go against.

21st overall: Seahawks
DE Clelin Ferrell
(I mostly forgot about him) Seahawks land a potential bookend for Clark or even a lesser replacement. Ferrell will make the Seahawk's d-line one of the most potent if Clark stays.

22nd overall: Ravens
S Johnathan Abram
The Ravens top brass think they are getting Ed Reed 2.0 and for good enough reason as he seems to play a similar style to the legendary safety. It is quite possible if the Ravens hang on to Mosley then they easily will be the new Reed-Lewis tandem, only I think Abram will be hitting harder than Mosley. This is probably solely a BPA pick.

23rd overall: Texans
OT Jawaan Taylor
Watson needs help to stay vertical and he gets one of the better tackle prospects thanks largely by the combine and me forgetting he rose up the prospect ladder. No matter what side you put Taylor on it is likely going to help tremendously.

24th overall: Raiders
WR Kelvin Harmon
Another reach of a pick for the Raiders but this time taking a talented WR in Harmon. They are enamored by the YAC, size, and route running ability of Harmon over Samuel or Marquise Brown.

25th overall: Eagles
CB Andreaz "Greedy" Williams
Eagles need more CB and they take an overrated one here at 25. I personally like Baker and Murphy better but it is all about name recognition sometimes.

26th overall: Colts
CB Deandre Baker
This is potentially the biggest steal of the draft here. Baker and Murphy are easily the best cover corners in this draft and seeming them go to teams that need them would be the best thing for them.

27th overall: Raiders (last time!)
ILB Tre Lamar
This would be an interesting pick as it will give the Raiders a solid ILB but also a player they can potentially move to the outside as well if needed. I think Mack Wilson would be an overall better pick for them here as he would be a more natural ILB and stay there full time but the NFL now is all about mismatches.

28th overall: Chargers
DT Dre'Mont Jones
I think he gets overlooked a lot but his stats and some of the plays I have seen remind me of Aaron Donald. I think he might be able to use his skills as an edge rusher as well but I think he would be a great fit "between" Joey Bosa and Melvin Ingram.

29th overall: Chiefs
CB Byron Murphy
I said it before about Murphy and Baker so I won't say it again. Murphy is easily an upgrade over Scandrick and he hasn't even played a snap of NFL football yet.

30th overall: Packers
Edge Brian Burns
This is an interesting prospect here as he doesn't get a lot of attention as the other edge rushing prospects. He can easily go earlier than this with a good combine.

31st overall: Rams
Edge Zach Allen
See above.

32nd overall: Patriots
QB Daniel Jones
The Patriots throw everyone off and take the QB that was the quickest to rise and fall. He can easily learn behind Tom Brady for a season or two and improve everything he knows about being a QB. Drew Lock could also be a QB selection.

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