Outside of the box trade back idea.

I don't think it would be bold to suggest that at least 80% of the fine folks of GGN would welcome a trade back. We need to build up this roster "Through the draft", said every Jet GM ever who then proceeded to trade picks away constantly. Now the tide has turned. It appears that we have our long term QB and we have the #3 pick in the draft, giving us the chance to potentially trade down and start accruing picks. Here is my suggestion to maximize that value.

So the Giants have been floated as a trade partner, especially now that they have garnered pick #17 from the Browns. Many Jets fans and pundits have proposed that we go after #6 and #17 for #3. While I would welcome that deal i feel like i have a better solution. Getting picks this year would be perfect if we were a superbowl contender.... sadly most teams picking at #3 aren't.

So i suggest if the Giants come calling, we instead prioritize getting their next years first. The trade would be something like #3 for #6, a 2019 3rd rounder, and their 2020 1st. Yes that is less this year, but it is potentially a massive haul next year. First the Giants are going to be a garbage team next year, there are no 2 ways about it. Secondly next years draft looks to have several bigger name QB's than this years draft does. The ideal payoff of this plan is that the Giants end up giving us a #1-#3 pick and we can then get a massive haul for a team trading up for Tua or whoever emerges as the #1 QB. That would give us far more in compensation than just getting pick #17 this year.

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