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Gang Green Nation Highlight Reel (March 6th-March 12th)

NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Baltimore Ravens Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

Our readers’ and writers’ contributions to this site are a major reason why Gang Green Nation is the best Jets blog in the history of Jets blogs. No contribution, big or small, should go unnoticed. That’s why we’ll highlight some of the best comments and FanPosts on a weekly basis.

Without further ado, I bring to you, Gang Green Nation’s Highlight Reel for the past week:

Top Fanposts:

Something to Keep in Mind as Free Agency Progresses

vin.fodera reminds us that the cap space and contracts will continue to increase.

A Conspiracy Theory Born from this K.O. Trade

Gosh Darnold hopes the Osemele trade might make a trade with the Raiders during the draft easier.

Stand Up Guys Post Combine Mock Top 15

Stand Up Guy mocks the first 15 picks in the draft.

Top Comments:

On drafting BPA:

The thing with BPA, and you touched on it in the article, is that every scheme requires a different skill set. Meaning that for every scheme BPA is different, and there are few examples of a player that is truly scheme proof. In all schemes though there are positions that will hold more value than in others, so there really is no best way to draft. In fact I think the best way to draft is to be flexible, allow yourself to sacrifice on a position of need if there is a better player available at a key position in your particular scheme. There are only so many franchises that have been consistently good at scouting for a reason because it is not an exact science, and while it is the best way to maintained success that does not mean it is easy. I have next to no faith in Mike Maccagnan’s ability to draft consistently and therefore I have very little hope that he is the GM that will guide us to sustained success. Should MM be fired after the year, we could be a very attractive GM landing spot having Sam Darnold and Jamal Adams.


On how he would approach the draft:

I’ve of the mindset that you take all the information the scouting department gives you and then sit down with all the coaches to get their views. then the g.m. and the coach should set the draft board with grades for every position. after that, no other opinion should count. You should run a variety of mocks internally with your staff so you are ready for anything during the draft. you let the draft unfold being flexible to bpa and needs. you should be then be able to move up/down/stay put and get the best guy on your board who you feel will help the team. of course, if the top player is a qb and darnold is only in his second year, you will need to go another route but you can’t exclude any positions from your board.


On a drafting strategy:

Drafting well requires a strategy on how to craft a winning team

I heard an interview with Vikings coach Mike Zimmer as he explained they have a strategy on the type on player that fits their team – Dlineman that are tall with long arms, linebackers that are sideline to sideline fast and strong tacklers etc. I heard another interview years ago with Rex when he said he ‘gives’ Westoff the 6th and 7th rounds to pick players that fit his special teams strategy. Lastly, Belichick is great for many reasons but one is he has a strategy for all situations/opponents and he builds diversity into his teams (tall, short, big, fast etc.) to fit those strategies for each game. AND he has recognized the changes in the league and adapted his players/strategies better than anyone ever. My point is the Jets have no strategy and haven’t since Rex. IMO a team with limited talent should NOT draft BPA. Teams should be building toward good team units (i.e., the Dline, the LBers, the Dbacks etc). Drafting the best DE, safety, LB, and then QB on a team with weak overall talent does not get you at least one strong unit or a strong defense/offense. As I look at successful teams, there is an offense strategy and a defense strategy that stands out consistently. On offense, of course having ‘playmakers’ is important, but as we all have said for years a strong Oline is a foundation that makes a QB, a RB, and receivers better. Overpaying mediocre lineman is not a good strategy. As Jet fans we have been spoiled with great centers for 50 years and then a bad one. MM has another chance to draft/sign a good one. I believe the range of talent among Olineman is narrow. That all are big, strong, and similarly fast/slow. The difference always seems to be attitude (i.e., aggressiveness, nastiness, toughness) and foot quickness (cone drill, not the 40). This draft is deep and MM’s strategy better focus on the Oline! On defense, again of course ‘playmakers’ are important, but a strong linebacker unit helps both the Dline and Dbackers. Look at the successful defenses recently and recognize their strength comes from the LBers. For one example, the Dallas D was dramatically better this year because LBers Smith, Gregory, Lee, and Cunningham were all healthy AND importantly they all are fast strong tacklers. Some could argue a team needs great Dlineman. The GiantsSuper Bowl teams beat up the Patriots along the scrimmage. But IMO these days good QBs and O Coordinators can dump and run around a good line when a LB crew is slow or just incompetent. The Jets are the best example when we had Mo, Damon, Leo, and Sheldon but couldn’t get a sack or stop a drive. This year MM has a chance to draft and sign LBers and edge rushers (e.g., Allen, White, Fowler and others). Of course they need 2 CBs too (appears to be a weak draft for CBs). But my strategy would focus on building that LB crew.


On why we should be hoping Kyler Murray goes #1:

If Murray does indeed go #1 overall, that would be huge for the Jets in two ways

1. The Jets are left with two of Allen/Bosa/Williams to choose from 2. With a QB already off the board at #1, a QB-pursuing team will become desperate and trade up, whether its the Jaguars trying to leapfrog the Giants or a team who picks later – like the Skins – trying to leapfrog both and I would imagine that whoever does this would give up a lot out of desperation. Murray going #1 would definitely benefit the Jets


On Maccagnan’s ability to trade:

One thing you have to give Mac credit for

Anytime he’s made trades involving picks he’s done a great job. Got Fitz for a 6th rounder, Marshal for a 5th rounder. Somehow got. 2nd and Kearse for Sheldon, signs Bridgewater and gets a 3 and traded up to get Darnold without giving up a 1. That’s a pretty good record.

-Dick Hammer

On Darron Lee’s fit as a middle linebacker:

I am still holding out hope that Gase is one of those people who thinks the jets have been misusing Lee until now. I would love to see him get some playing time at outside linebacker. Never understood moving him inside when the best stuff he showed in college came on the outside.


On the failed Kirk Cousins signing:

Thanks Kirk Cousins for signing w Minnie and putting them in cap hell I would take Barr and Darnold over KC any day.


On the signing of Anthony Barr (at the time):

Would move him around

Wouldn’t pencil him to just a SAM role or a 3-4 EDGE role. Barr is a guy that has shown throughout his career he will have stretches where he can do anything well. Rush the passer, cover, and stop the run. He has done all 3 at a high level at various points and different stages. I would position him in various positions similar to what the Jets do with Jamal Adams. We need guys that can play. Anthony Barr can flat out play. He can do everything. I’m a big fan of this move. He was my guy. Now let’s get Paradis and get going.


On the offensive vs. defensive signings this free agency:

Here Williams, you take Anthony Barr and CJ Mosley for your defense.

Gase, don’t worry, we didn’t forget about you. Here’s Bellamy and Crowder.


On the fan reaction before and after Barr decided to go back to the Vikings:

Everyone, circa 24 hours ago: “Anthony Barr is gonna be a beast in the defense, dude flies to the ball!” Everyone, now: “I’m glad we’re not signing Barr, no biggie. Dude hasn’t rushed the passer in 6 years anyway. Now we can sign Bell.”

-Jeremy J. Jackson

So there you have it, Gang Green Nation’s Highlight Reel. Want to be featured next week? Just keep doing what you do, and more importantly, keep being who you are—after all, YOU’RE what makes Gang Green Nation so great!


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