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Tuesday afternoon was rough for the Jets in NFL free agency as they lost Anthony Barr and struck out on the center market

NFL: Denver Broncos at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

It was not a stellar Tuesday afternoon for the Jets in free agency.

Instead of adding to their haul, the Jets actually lost an addition as Anthony Barr changed his mind. The linebacker who agreed to a deal with New York last night backed out of said deal today. Instead Barr will take less money to stay with the Minnesota Vikings.

Let’s just say it’s less than ideal that the thought of getting paid $14 million by the Jets makes a player physically sick.

Things did not get much better later in the afternoon as the Jets lost out on the best remaining free agent center.

That’s a very reasonable deal on paper, and it stings for the Jets to miss out on this player.

Surprisingly it doesn’t even sound like the Jets were interested.

That might be the reason behind this cryptic tweet from Paradis’ agent who is well-known to be a Jets fan.

The Jets entered free agency with a glaring need at center. It is critical to build up the line around Sam Darnold. The only team entering free agency with more cap space than the Jets was the Colts, a team with no need at center.

Paradis and Mitch Morse were widely viewed as the two elite center options hitting free agency. It is difficult to fathom a team with the Jets’ resources striking out completely at such an important position. Now we need to hope for a surprise cut of a quality player, a trade, or an early Draft pick. Otherwise this whole saga could potentially lead to memories of John Idzik’s cornerback fiasco from five years ago.

Perhaps Tuesday night will be kinder than the afternoon. Follow the great widget and discuss happenings below.