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Five questions on C.J. Mosley with Baltimore Beatdown

Baltimore Beatdown gives us the lowdown on C.J. Mosley

Baltimore Ravens v Green Bay Packers Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

This morning, the Jets agreed on a deal with former Raven C.J. Mosley, an $85M pact that makes him the league’s richest inside linebacker, the most expensive defensive player in the 2019 free agency period, and also the owner of most lucrative contract on the Jets roster.

To learn some more about the four-time Pro Bowler out of Alabama, I asked Baltimore Beatdown a few questions regarding the Jets’ new addition.

1. How was Mosley utilized in the Baltimore defense? What were his primary responsibilities and how did his role fluctuate throughout his Ravens career?

Mosley was used as a replacement to Ray Lewis; Hall of Fame shoes to fill. Shockingly, he filled in rather well in Year One. You can argue he had a real chance if winning DRotY. His primary responsibilities included defending the run, protecting the middle of the field and delayed A-gap blitzes.

Throughout the years, Mosley looked to bulk up and lose a bit of speed. He became a more downhill linebacker who stopped the run rather well, but lost some coverage ability. He played his best years with coverage-capable linebackers (Daryl Smith, Zachary Orr).

2. In 2018, how would you compare Mosley’s performance in the run game versus the pass game, and how did it measure up against the first four years of his career?

He fluctuated from season-to-season. One year he’d perform higher in one area then the next year it’d switch. Now, his performance in the run game far exceeds his ability in pass coverage.

3. So, speaking of his pass coverage, where do you think his ability in that phase stacks up versus the average inside linebacker? What can he do well in coverage, and what should he not be relied upon for?

Mosley was decent in zone coverage. He was smart enough to be in the area of the expected coverage. Not always, but I think he performed well. He struggled in man coverage, especially against capable running backs. LeVeon Bell made short work of him frequently. Then again, who didn’t look bad against Bell in pass coverage? Tight ends were also too fast for him most times.

4. How good was Mosley’s off the field reputation? Was he the type of guy who received a lot of positive credit from teammates and coaches for his locker room presence?

Highly regarded football player. Respected by everybody in the locker room. Check out his teammates twitter accounts. They all were posting “#signCJ” the last few days.

5. How interested were the Ravens in bringing Mosley back? It seems that the Jets simply priced them out, but do you see this as a huge loss for the team and how do they plan on replacing him?

From what I read and heard, both parties wanted a deal done for Mosley to stay. As you said, the Jets strongly outbid the Ravens. I think if the deals were the same or close to it, Mosley wouldn’t be a Jet.

The Ravens have a history of producing linebackers: Bart Scott, Jameel McClain, Dannell Ellerbe and Zachary Orr to name a few UDFA linebackers turned starters. Right now, the Ravens have Patrick Onwuasor and Kenny Young to step into Mosley’s role. While they can’t replace his veteran savvy or his play to a complete 100%, they’re skilled enough to produce quality play at a better price tag.

Thanks a lot to Baltimore Beatdown for answering our questions!


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