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Jets podcast: Thoughts on Antonio Brown

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Oakland Raiders Neville E. Guard-USA TODAY Sports

Over the next few week we will likely hear rumors linking the Jets to every big name who becomes available. That is life as a team with a lot of cap space as the new league year begins. One of the biggest names out there is Antonio Brown. The superstar wide receiver seems likely to be traded out of Pittsburgh.

The Jets have a lot of cap space, and they certainly could use a go to wide receiver to pair with their young quarterback. Does that make the Jets a natural trade candidate?

Call me crazy, but I am not so sure this would be the right fit for Brown. On today’s podcast I will look at some of the reasons a Brown deal might make sense and some reasons it might not be such a great idea. The reasons for him might seem obvious. The reasons against might seem like overreactions, but I think they are legitimate.

Thanks for listening.