Letter to Johnson and Maccagnan

Johnson and Maccagnan, please build the Jets right. We have a young franchise QB who needs protection most of all. Do not get sucked into the hype from sports writers or fans saying that we need an overpriced RB or WR. People keep saying follow the Pats on how to build a team and they are correct. It was another painful SB seeing the Pats win, but the respect I have for their organization is there. All these years of winning the SB, where were the high paid FA RB's or WR. The last big name WR was Randy Moss and he was one of the best, yet no SB ring for him, they lost. But they have Edelman, a surf route runner with good hands as the SBMVP. Gronk is old and beat up and the other main WR Hogan is nothing to write home about, but they go the job done. They have unknown RB's, but they have a good OL and DL to set the tone. The Pats game plan and preparation is also second to none. I couldn't believe after 3 quarters it was 3-3. The defense came to play this SB, but then the Pats got 10 in the 4th and looked like they couldn't be stopped.

To protect Darnold get us some good OLmen whether FA or the draft, he will take care of the rest no matter who else we get for the WR spot, give Darnold some time and get another good route runner like Edelman and we'll be good. Maybe we need a Cole Beasley. We have Q, Anderson, and Herndon to build on just need another little piece. Get a solid RB with good hands, and a good OL will make them look good. High price prima donna's are not what we need and the Pats never got. They did acquire Josh Gordon but won the SB without him. When was the last time a big name RB who tore up the league won a SB? Good coaching and player development are the keys to success.

You guys got lucky when big names Cousins and Suh didn't sign with us and it saved us a ton of $$$ and we ended up getting Darnold.

On defense the same blue print, it starts with the DL, so build a solid DL. We do need a solid pass rusher, another good CB and a LB or 2. It appears we have good coaching now on offense and defense, build with them. The future looks bright if the Jets are built the right way. I would like to see the Jets trade the 3rd pick for more picks and I hope the draft dictates we get good compensation if we do a trade. We gave up 3 2nds, what if we swapped 1's and got a 2nd and 3rd this year, and a second and third next year. Seems about right depending on how far we go, maybe 6 or 7.

Get some youth and good veterans who bring good play and a good attitude to the team. Get some good players in FA, and the draft for the trenches and the Jets will be rewarded. Don't mind overpaying a little especially in the trenches.

So again forget what the writers or some fans say, build a winner the right way and you guys will have the team you wanted all along with a good young core and some veterans to help stabilize the team. Then the fans will be happy when you build this winner around Darnold and Adams.

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