A vote of No Confidence in Jet management

I have been a Jet fan since the mid sixties. I have seen many an owner and FO come and go. Outside of when Bellichek dumped us and went to NE this is the least amount of confidence I have had in this team.

While I have seen us not only go to a superbowl but win I am not optimistic about this season and we havent had FA or the draft yet. Why, you might ask. Well we fired Bowles but kept McCagnan. IMO that was a mistake. We should have dumped Mac as well, I mean after all it was his team of talentless players that created this mess. I have no confidence he will do better. While I would normally be in favor of trading back I don't believe Mac will do well with those picks. He does better with players that drops in his lap.

Next we have an owner that gets his new HC with the caveat that they have to use coachs the team picks. So we get Gase. I will try to keep an open mind but I don't have high hopes.

While I don't believe this season will go well I hope it does. I am a Jet fan through all the bad and little good that we keep getting.

Do you believe this season will be successful or not?

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