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Unsurprisingly Adam Gase and Mike Maccagnan don’t tell us much at their Combine press conference

NFL: Combine Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Jets head coach Adam Gase and general manager Mike Maccagnan met the press today in Indianapolis during the NFL Scouting Combine.

It isn’t in any team’s interest to give away its offseason strategy so there is rarely much interesting to come from these press availabilities. Today’s event certainly seemed par for the course.

Gase seemed to stick to effusively praising the players on the roster.

Gase also provided this headline on the backup quarterback situation.

So now you know McCow might or might not be the Jets’ backup quarterback next year.

Maccagnan was full of his own uninteresting tidbits.

So the Jets definitely may or may not trade down.

How about this year’s Draft class?

So there are good prospects. Awesome.

Are the Jets looking at big names?

The Jets are calling about available players.


Let me be clear. I’m not criticizing Gase or Maccagnan. They’re doing exactly what they should do. Their job in this environment is to speak words while saying nothing.

But just take a look around the internet, and I’m sure you’ll find people jumping to all kinds of crazy conclusions based on these noncommittal comments.

I also look forward to the hard-hitting coverage of Adam Gase’s facial expressions.