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Scouting The 2019 NFL Draft: 7 Round Jets Mock Draft - Part 1

It’s mock draft season! Drew (@DrewFromJersey) and I are done waiting. It is time for our first mock of the year. Enjoy!

NCAA Football: Wofford at Mississippi Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

The Combine is on the horizon, and Drew and I thought it was time to release our first mock of the season. For the first mock, we like to throw names out there that maybe aren’t getting enough attention. These picks are usually met with comments like “that’s way too high to take him” or “There is no way that guy is a ___ rounder.” Once upon a time these were the things said about guys named OBJ and Mahomes. Feel free to add your own picks or tell us how bad our mock is below. At the end I threw together a cute little depth chart to show you what this team could look like with these picks and more.

Round 1

WR, DK Metcalf, Mississippi, RS Sophomore

First and foremost, if we were offered a decent deal to move back, we would jump on it without hesitation. I just want to get that out of the way. Drew and I don’t like to be conventional with our first picks. All the mocks we see have us grabbing guys like Jonah Williams, Quinnen Williams or Josh Allen. We are going a different route. We went into this mock with the hopes of coming away with a top tier edge, inside O-line help and a new CB group in free agency. This allows us some freedom with the #3 pick. Welcome to the stage, Dk Metcalf. Metcalf has a sky high ceiling and a physical pedigree that goes hand in hand with his big play ability. If you think his most recent pictures showing off his body builder figure is impressive, you’ll be blown away by his tape. At every tier of the field, Metcalf dominates. Even though his route tree was limited at Ole’ Miss, he is more than capable of doing it all. With this pick we get Sam a receiver with #1 potential.

Round 3

OT, Bobby Evans, Oklahoma, RS Junior

The time is now to nail down a possible long-term LT prospect. We have Beachum for one more year before he is likely let go. We shouldn’t paint ourselves into a corner where we have to draft a LT next year, when it is uncertain how strong the tackle class will be. This year’s class is 3 rounds deep in tackle prospects. Draft with the strengths of the draft, not against. Bobby Evans is a long, powerful tackle for the Sooners. He nailed down the left tackle spot, and never relinquished it. Evans moves well in space, and would be a great fit for Gase’s zone rushing concepts. For 2019, he can be our RT, and we can move Shell inside or keep him as reliable depth. This way, by 2020, Evans could be ready to make the move to LT, and Shell can reclaim RT.

Round 3

OG/C, Nick Allegretti, Illinois, Senior

Our O-line is a mess on the interior. We really need to replace both guard spots and the center. It’s unlikely that we fill all these holes in free agency, and we have one more year of Winters. We should be looking for talent to use as depth and also someone that can eventually replace Winters. Illinois isn’t the kind of team that will get you excited to watch, but Nick Allegretti was a pleasure. He brings to the table a mixture of mobility and power that would combines to make a very competent interior lineman. Nick has experience at center and guard, and can play either at the next level. In pass sets, Allegrettie shows off a solid base to anchor against power. His mobility allows him to mirror speed moves inside. He times his punches well, and does wall to maintain his blocks.

Round 4

Edge, Justin Hollins, Oregon, RS Senior

Are we running a 3-4 or a 4-3 base. There have been many claims for both being the case. We won’t know until we know. Until we do, we want to grab an edge that can work in both schemes. Hollins can be a JACK in a 3-4 or a SAM in a 4-3. Brailford has some above AVG burst off the snap and pretty good mobility to the sidelines to boot. Justin can also hold his own dropping into coverage. He will need to put on some muscle and weight to be able to withstand punches from NFL tackles.

Round 5

CB, Justin Layne, Michigan State, Junior

Other than O-line, there is no group as depleted as our cornerback stable. We need two starters and some decent depth. The starters we will hopefully pickup in free agency. As for the depth, and maybe a future Trumaine Johnson replacement, I introduce to you Justin Layne. Justin is perfect for a Greg Williams defense that features a lot of press man coverage. Laybe, a former receiver, is long and physical at the LOS. He likes to beat you right at the snap, and stays disciplined mirroring receivers.

Round 7

WR, Terry McLaurin, Ohio State, Senior

Why not double dip at a skill position and give Sam another burner on the outside to backup Robbie Anderson. McLaurin will probably end up going earlier than the 7th round once he shows off his speed at the combine, but for now, this is a good place for him. If Terry gets a clean release at the line, good luck catching up with him.

  • Free Agent = *
  • Re-sign = **
  • Draft = ***
  • AAF = ****